January 2020

Thug jailed for 21 years for attempted murder of mum and baby

A twisted monster who tried to stab a mum and baby to death in their home leaving them with some of the worst injuries police had ever seen has been jailed for 21 years.

Kamil Kopec, of Hunderton Avenue, Hereford, was convicted and handed the prison term on Thursday, January 23, at Worcester Crown Court following a four-day trial. He admitted his guilt on the final day.

He was also convicted for possession of a knife.

The brave mother was praised by West Mercia Police after she managed to escape from a window with her child despite serious injuries.

The court heard that at around 3am on Wednesday, July 24 last year, police investigated a call alerting them to reports of a mother and her nine-month-old baby who had both received stab wounds.

The tot had a cut to the head and the mum suffered multiple wounds including a stab wound and cut to her neck.

Both were stabilised by paramedics and rushed to hospital for treatment.

Officers searched the property and the local area while a fire service drone was also flown to help find the man and his dog.

Kopec, 28, was found shortly after in a nearby bush with his dog. A knife was also recovered.

Senior Investigating Officer at Hereford CID, Detective Inspector Mark Peters, said: “These were some of the worst injuries I have seen, Kopec committed this horrific attack in the victim’s home locking them inside. The mother showed great resilience and bravery in escaping via a window and gaining help from her neighbours.

“The mother’s bravery, neighbours quick thinking and paramedics’ life- saving work, along with officers on the scene that found and arrested Kopec quickly, should all be commended”