January 2020

Child rape plot paedophile told he’ll probably die in prison

A depraved paedophile instructed a fellow pervert how to rape his nephew and tried to arrange sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Michael Morrisey boasted online about having sex with children and tried to talk another man into ‘sharing’ his young relative.

But the unsuspecting 67-year-old was actually talking to undercover police officers, meaning none of his intended victims were real.

The OAP was today jailed over the disturbing conversations and a sick stash of images, which showed babies being abused.

A top judge said he only avoided an even longer extended sentence because he was likely to die in prison from lung cancer.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Morrisey was convicted of downloading indecent images in November 2016 and sentenced in January 2017.

He was handed 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, with supervision and a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

Police visited his home in Westmorland Drive, Liverpool city centre on September 18, 2018 to check on his behaviour.

David Polglase, prosecuting, said he handed over a smart phone and desktop computer to a female officer

They revealed daily internet searches for “young naked boys” and “teen porn”, but he claimed he only looked at adult websites.

Further analysis found 30 Category B – the second most serious category – and 11 Category C indecent images.

He had used privacy software and a file shredding facility, two types of private browser, and deleted temporary files.

When interviewed by police on January 28 last year, he denied having the images on his computer or breaching his SHPO.

Mr Polglase said: “He said the forensic and technical staff must have messed up as they had done before.

“He said he had been set up before by Merseyside Police.”

The Category B photos included an image of a baby aged six months to one-year-old being abused by a man.

Morrisey was released on bail, but police in the East Midlands contacted the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit in October.

They found the paedophile, using the name Liverpool M UK, had been chatting to two undercover officers, ‘Finley’ and ‘Tony’.

Morrisey told Finley, who he thought was a 13-year-old boy living in Nottingham, that he was called Michael and aged 57.

Mr Polglase said: “He boasted online about his penis size, having sex with underage boys, paying children for sex, and talked of booking a hotel in Nottingham for ‘gay fun’.”

When chatting to Tony, who he thought was a fellow paedophile, Morrisey mentioned arranging to meet a child from Nottingham in Liverpool for sex and boasted about previous child abuse

Mr Polglase said: “Much of the chat with Tony centred around discussing how there might be abuse of Tony’s 10-year-old nephew and bringing the child to Liverpool.”

This included discussing how the boy would be raped and meeting in Liverpool during the week starting November 18.

But police raided his home on November 14 and seized a mobile phone, laptop, memory disk and pen drive.

Officers identified conversations took place on the laptop via Skype, which Mr Polglase summarised

He said: “It’s all blunt and direct and leaves little to the imagination.”

Morrisey denied two counts of downloading indecent images, one of possessing indecent images, and breaching his SHPO.

He pleaded guilty ahead of a trial, then admitted attempted sexual communication with a child, intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence, and breaching his suspended sentence.

Morrisey’s 13 past convictions for 42 offences include indecent assault of a boy in 1975, gross indecency in 1990 and possessing indecent images in 1999.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, told Morrisey: “In my judgement, for many a year you have led a life of paedophilia.

“You are in truth a paedophile and have remained so for a number of years.”

He added: “You are a dangerous person and you have a most unhealthy and depraved interest, in particular in young boys.”

Judge Aubrey said Morrisey “poring over extreme photographs of an indecent nature” perpetuated the abuse of victims.

He said the pervert “regrettably” hadn’t responded to treatment and concluded he was “a dangerous paedophile”.

However, the judge said: “The prognosis as far as life expectancy is concerned is extremely poor.

“It is for that reason and for that reason alone this court has drawn back from the consideration of an extended sentence.”

Judge Aubrey told Morrisey his terminal illness reduced “what would otherwise be the greater duration of your sentence”.

He said: “It may well be and it may well be likely you will serve the remaining time of your life in a custodial institution.”

The judge jailed Morrisey for seven years and told him to comply with a SHPO for nine years and sign on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.