December 2019

Creepy pervert secretly filmed up skirts of young girls and women

An upskirt pervert today admitted targeting young girls and women in a series of sick offences.

Daniel Jones , 26, secretly filmed up the skirts of females of various ages, including children .

The twisted creep, of Fairlie Drive, Rainhill , attended a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court this morning.

He admitted an act outraging public decency , at various locations, between May 9, 2017 and May 10, 2018.

According to the charge, he “in a public place committed an act outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner”, namely filmed his victims “without their knowledge or permission”.

He also pleaded guilty to taking eight indecent photographs of children, at unknown locations, between the same dates.

Jones accepted that he took Category C – the least serious category – photos of these young victims.

He also admitted voyeurism – “recording a private act” – between the same dates, again at an unknown location.

According to the charge, Jones “recorded another person doing a private act with the intention that it would, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, look at an image of that other person doing the act, knowing that the other person did not consent to your recording the act with that intention”.

Jones, who has no previous convictions, denied a further charge of possessing indecent images of children

The judge granted Jones unconditional bail, until his sentencing on January 17 next year