November 2019

Face of self-confessed paedophile nurse who raped and abused young girl

This is the police mugshot of the nurse who carried out a “campaign of sexual abuse” against an defenceless eight-year-old girl.

Robert Dearden raped and sexually abused his victim and has now began a 14-year jail term for his heinous crimes.

The psychology nurse, who confesses to being a paedophile, was also judged to pose an ongoing danger to children and was given an extended sentence meaning he will have to serve at least two-thirds of his sentence before the Parole Board will even consider his release – and may not be freed until he has served the whole sentence.

Once he is released Dearden, who has to register as a sex offender for life, will remain on licence, and at risk of being recalled to prison, for the rest of the 14 years and for a further seven years.

Dearden, 68, of Bulkington Road, Coventry, had pleaded guilty to charges of rape and sexually assault, as well as downloading indecent images of other children.

He would create opportunities to be alone with the girl and would sexually assault her. On further occasions he showed her how to perform a sex act on herself, as well as on him.

After the girl told her mother what had happened, the police were contacted, prosecutor Graeme Simpson told Warwick Crown Court.

He said that Dearden, who passed himself off as a psychologist, made full admissions after being arrested – but suggested it was the girl who had initiated sexual contact, added Mr Simpson

Dearden, who had previously served in the Royal Army Medical Corps before more recently working as a psychological nurse.