December 2019

Pervert put hand down pants of girl, 7 jailed

SEXUAL predator who preyed on young girls in the aisles of a supermarket was caged for two years and nine months.

Monster Michael Glavin admitted groping a seven-year-old as she played in the toy section in a Tesco store in Bathgate, West Lothian, on August 15.

The “distressed” youngster ran back to her mum who was nearby and told her: “I’m scared because a man was following me.

“He tried to go down my skirt. He put his finger down my pants.”

Shortly afterwards Glavin approached two 12-year-old girls in the same store.

He asked if they wanted “some Coke”, told them they were “gorgeous” and made sexual comments to them before they hurried off and contacted an adult.

After Glavin’s victims pointed him out to store management, staff found him in the ladies clothing section holding a nightie in one hand and masturbating himself with the other.

They ejected him from the store and detained him until police arrived to arrest him.

Andy Aitken, defending, said Glavin accepted that his actions must have caused “significant distress and upset” to the complainers and to the wider community.

He added: “In his sober and lucid state he fully accepts that.

“I can only mirror what he’s said to the social worker where he’s shown some insight into his offending.

“His position is remorseful, he’s apologetic and he describes his attitude towards himself as one of ‘disgust’.”

On the day of the offences, Mr Aitken said Glavin had “self-medicated” for depression by consuming a large quantity of drugs he had bought off the internet.

He added: “This disinhibited him and raised his libido. The author of the psychiatric report says this allowed a deep rooted attraction to children to assert itself.”

Glavin, an IT expert who once held public sector jobs with the National Health Service and the Ministry of Defence, showed no emotion as he was jailed at Livingston Sheriff Court.

The 47-year-old was told he would remain subject to close supervision by social workers for three years under the extended sentence following his eventual release from prison.

He was warned that if he breaches any of the strict conditions after completing the two years and nine months custodial part he will be recalled to jail to complete the rest of his sentence.

His name will also remain on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Passing sentence on Glavin, currently a prisoner in Edinburgh, Sheriff Kenneth McIver told him he regarded his sexual offending as extremely serious.

He said: “I can’t stress too much how much the court has to take a serious view of sexual offending against very young children and offending of this type which clearly indicated that you were looking for children who were complete strangers to you for the purpose of committing these crimes against them.

“There was no connection between you and the children. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and encountered you when you were behaving in a sexually predatory manner.

“For reasons which only you can understand they seem to be connected to you taking illicit substances and behaving in a way you wouldn’t otherwise have behaved.

“It’s fortunate the children had the presence of mind to get away from you as they did and to run to their parents and report you.”

The sheriff said a custodial sentence was “absolutely essential” on the basis that Glavin had gone into a public place – a shop – and committed serious offences against children.

He added: “This is offending which has caused fear and alarm to children and to their immediate family, who were affected by it by being present and having it reported to them – also the alarm to the general public caused by caused by sexual offending towards young children in a public place on more than one occasion where more than one child was involved.

“That places it in a category of gravity which I have to recognise. The appropriate starting point for any sentence will be one of four years imprisonment. I’ll make the full one-third rreduction which is appropriate for your immediate acceptance of a guilty plea.”

He said the sentence would be backdated to August 19, when Glavin was first remanded in custody.

November 2019

Pervert put hand down pants of girl, 7, in Bathgate Tesco toy aisle before masturbating with nightie

A sexual predator sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl as she looked at toys in a Scots supermarket.

Michael Glavin walked up to the youngster, put his hand down underwear and groped her in the toy aisle of a Tesco branch in Bathgate.

The “distressed” youngster ran back to her mum in the nearby clothing aisle and told her: “I’m scared because a man was following me.

“He tried to go down my skirt. He put his finger down my pants.”

Jim Robertson, prosecuting, told Livingston Sheriff Court that a member of staff heard the child crying and spoke to the mother.

The shop assistant then informed the store manager who deployed staff in a bid to find the accused.

Meanwhile, Glavin approached two 12-year-old girls who had left the adult they were in the store with to go and buy some Coca Cola.

The accused, who was drinking from a bottle of cola, asked them if they wanted some of his. They declined his offer and walked away.

Mr Robertson went on: “He also told them they were ‘gorgeous’ and asked them to go to the clothing aisle with him.

“They walked away from him and one of the girls phoned her mum, who was also in the store.

“Their mother joined them and the girls then saw the accused leaving the store and pointed him out to the manager.”

Mr Robertson said Glavin came back into the shop shortly afterwards and staff were informed he was in the clothing section.

He had his back towards two staff, but as they got close to him they could see he was holding a nightie in one hand and appeared to be masturbating himself with the other.

They removed him from the shop floor and detained him until police arrived.

Glavin, 47, a prisoner at Edinburgh, was remanded in custody following a court appearance on 20 August.

He pled guilty on indictment today to committing three offences at the Tesco store in Blackburn Road, Bathgate, at around 8pm on 15 August this year.

He admitted sexually assaulting the seven year-old girl, making comments of a sexual nature to the 12 year-old girls and intentionally engaging in a sexual activity by masturbating in the presence of staff.

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch ordered that Glavin’s name be added to the Sex Offenders Register with immediate effect.

He remanded the accused in custody until sentence on 28 November.