August 2019

Disabled paedophile thrown behind bars for forcing himself on young girl

A DISABLED paedophile has been thrown behind bars for three years after he was found guilty of a historic charge of sexually assaulting a young girl.

Paul Price, 63, wheeled his mobility frame through the back door of the dock to begin his term of imprisonment after forcing himself on a child nearly two decades ago.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Price, 45 at the time of his opportunistic crime, had the 11-year-old girl on his lap before touching her breasts and fiddling with her genitalia.

The depraved defendant, who committed the act while others were in the house, then pushed his erect penis on the child before events ‘ended with calls for dinner’.

Prosecutor Richard Sedgwick said: ‘She sat on his lap before Mr Price took the opportunity to cuddle her and put his hand up her top and rub his hand on her genitalia.’

The girl told her mum a month later about the incident but she ‘disbelieved’ her daughter. It was only years later when the woman built up courage that she finally went to the police and confessed Price’s crime.

But her misery was exacerbated when Price denied his actions – resulting in the woman having to go through the ordeal of a trial.

Justice was served on Price, though, as he was found guilty of a single count of indecent assault by a jury.

Judge Timothy Mousley QC told Price: ‘You touched the girl’s breasts under her clothing before putting your hand down the side of her knickers and touching her genitalia. You then grinded your penis on her.

‘The woman has suffered extensive psychological problems. When she first told her mum she was disbelieved and only went to police years later. It must have been a terrible burden.’

Price, of Greenwood Close, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, was given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order, barred from working with children and told he had to notify police of his whereabouts for 10 years when he leaves jail.