July 2016

Adam Beal, from Herne Bay, jailed for child sex attacks

A vile Herne Bay sex predator targeted a mum so he could carry out sex assaults against children.

Adam Beal, 32, has now been given a 24 year sentence – after one of his victims had the courage to speak out.

Judge Heather Norton ruled that Beal posed a serious danger to children and gave him a 20 year jail term and then added another four years which will be served on licence when he is eventually released

Beal, formerly of Cecil Park, was found guilty by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court of nine rapes and three sex assaults.

The courageous victim – described by the judge has showing “a great deal of bravery” – reported the attacks on her and two other children.

The court heard how all his victims have been traumatised by their ordeals which were carried out some years ago.

The mother of one child revealed that she felt the evil Beal had targeted her, getting in touch with her “solely” for the purpose of attacking the girl.

Judge Norton told him mum and daughter had suffered at his hands – but the mother was still proud of her “wonderful daughter” for speaking out.

The jury heard how Beal was arrested but denied the offences. He will also have to register as a sex offender.