August 2019

Illegal immigrant sex pest jailed after being found guilty of three sexual assault charges

A 46-year-old illegal immigrant who said he thought all white girls are promiscuous has been jailed for sexually assaulting two females

Madhuradeen Mohamed made the offensive remark to a group of people during a cannabis smoking session at a house in Hartlepool.

A jury at Teesside Crown Court convicted Mohamed of a separate offence three weeks later in which he pestered a young woman as she walked home alone.

The friend of the first victim told the court: “He said he knew of somewhere we could go to smoke cannabis.

“We went to a house in Hartlepool where two men were already there.

“As we were talking, one of the men said he thought white girls were always up for sex.

“He sat next to my friend and put his arm around her lower back. She got up after a short time, it was obvious she was upset.”

The jury heard Mohamed sat next to the girl again when he put his hand near her private parts.

“She got up again and we decided to leave,” said the friend.

In a separate incident, a teenage girl told the jury she was walking home from college when she became aware of a man beside her.

“He started to talk to me,” she said. “He started to get creepy, asking me if he could hug me.

“I thought it best to be polite, but the hug was very tight and went on for much too long. He kissed me twice on the side of my face.”

The girl said she told Mohamed her age, and told him her father wouldn’t like her being touched by a stranger.”

Mohamed, 46, of St Oswald’s Street, Hartlepool, denied four charges of sexual assault.

He was convicted of three charges by the jury. The court heard Mohamed has previous convictions for sexual assault and harassment.

Ian Mullarkey, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Mohamed came to this country and was granted leave to remain. That leave to remain was revoked after his previous conviction, although he remained in this country.

“He has a wife and children in this country.”

Judge Peter Armstrong sentenced Mohamed to 18 months in prison.