November 2010

Female teacher who ‘shared shower with girl pupils’ 

A female teacher was struck off for four years today for sharing a shower with teenage girl pupils before a school concert.

Music head Debbie Lloyd-Jones was banned from teaching over her improper relationship with girls aged 13 to 16 – including sending text messages saying: ‘I love you.’

Disciplinary panel chairman John Collins ruled it was ‘inappropriate behaviour’ for Mrs Lloyd-Jones, 29, to have stripped into a bikini to shower with girls.

He said: ‘Although no sexual activity took place, this was inappropriate involvement with pupils who were using the showers.’

Mr Collins said senior teacher Pamela Schofield spotted Mrs Lloyd-Jones in the shower area with the girls at Oakdale Comprehensive School in Blackwood, South Wales.

He said: ‘She saw her wrapped in a towel with wet shoulders and wet hair. She noticed a number of girl pupils who also had towels around them and they were wet.

‘Mrs Lloyd-Jones told her: “Everything is OK. I’m just having a shower before the show”.

‘She gave conflicting evidence. She also claimed she used the boys showers and then dressed before going to the girls’ area.

‘She later admitted being in the shower at the same time as the girls but said they came in as she finished’.

Mrs Lloyd-Jones, who once performed at Buckingham Palace with the Grenadier Guards, was found guilty of three charges of inappropriate behaviour.

The hearing had been told Mrs Lloyd-Jones bought two girls gifts – perfume, jewellery and teddy bears –  and sent one more than 1,000 text messages.

Mr Collins said: ‘We are not satisfied she doesn’t pose a significant risk of repeating her behaviour. Her conduct was fundamentally incompatible with continuing to be a registered teacher.’

She was put under a four-year prohibition order suspending her until 2014.

Mr Collins said the normal prohibition period was two years but it was doubled because ‘of the seriousness of the case.’ 

Mrs Lloyd-Jones did not attend the hearing but was represented by her NASUWT union official David Browne.

He said: ‘Showering with pupils was unwise and shows poor judgement but it is being portrayed as some sort of sordid act.

‘She has not tried to conceal what she has done. This is not a teacher seen as being incompetent. She was very enthusiastic and hard-working.

‘She has been branded a paedophilic lesbian – the consequences for her and her family have been appalling.’

Mrs Lloyd-Jones is no longing teaching in schools and is working as a freelance trumpeter.