July 2019

Shropshire man jailed after doorstep sting by paedophile hunters

A Shropshire pervert who was hunted down by paedophile hunters and live-streamed on Facebook on his own doorstep had been jailed

Kevin Cadman, 43, received an unwanted knock on his door at the home he shared with his family in Guest Road, Broseley, at 9.20pm on March 17 last year after the paedophile hunting group Army Of Darkness tracked him down.

He had been speaking online to what he believed was a 14-year-old girl, but he was in fact speaking to a fake profile set up by the group.

The group learned where he lived and carried out the sting, before calling police who arrested him.

Steven Bailey, prosecuting at Shrewsbury Crown Court, said: “The confrontation was live-streamed and people could watch in real time and comment. One of the group called the police and they attended.

“He had been speaking on an app on March 12 using the false name Patrick. Despite the fact ‘she’ was 14, he told her she was sexy and asked for pictures.

“He suggested meeting by Tesco in Madeley, but she said she was off school sick.”

The conversation then moved to Whatsapp, where he continued to try and arrange a meeting before it stopped. He messaged her on Scout again on March 15, asking what she was doing.

The vigilantes arrived two days later. Mr Bailey added: “He answered the door, then he went upstairs and was looking out of the upstairs window.”

One of the viewers on Facebook, a vigilante from another group called Decoy Central, recognised Cadman as someone she had been chatting to under the false guise of two different 13-year-old girls.”

Cadman admitted attempting to arrange or facilitate the committing of a child sex offence and attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

Paul Smith, defending Cadman, said: “The consequences of this for him have been quite devastating. He has not worked since the sting and is trying to rebuild his personal life.”

Judge Jonathan Gosling told Cadman: “Over the course of a week you were engaging in particularly determined attempts to sexually interfere with young girls. If this had been with real victims you would have faced different charges and a much more substantial sentence.”

He jailed Cadman for nine months and gave him a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.