June 2008

Trio jailed over indecency of schoolgirl

Three men have been jailed after each admitting targeting a teenage girl who posted her picture on the internet.

Daniel Walker, 33, from Glasgow, Gary Wilson, 41, from County Durham and Martin Murray, 36, from Irvine admitted a total of 17 charges against the girl.

Wilson admitted having sex with her from the age of 13, in one case in a car parked in woods near Edinburgh.

He was jailed for three years and four months, Walker for two years and Murray for 18 months.

The teenager posted her photograph on the Faceparty website and found herself bombarded with sex invitations from older men, the High Court had been told.

Police were called in September 2006 when the girl’s mother found a note containing cash and examined her computer

Advocate depute James Wolffe QC, prosecuting, said: “Upon examination of the computer the police found chat logs recording internet conversations between Wilson and the girl.”

Wilson, a father of two, confessed after police searched his home at Trimdon Colliery, County Durham.

The pair had met four times and had sex in an apartment in Edinburgh, a hotel in the city and at a hotel in Kinross.

Their last meeting was in May 2006 when Wilson stopped his car in woods near the Pentland Hills after he had bought an aerosol at her request. The girl was high on the contents of the aerosol when they had sex.

The girl had also received chat-room messages from Daniel Walker, of St Vincent Street in Glasgow, about his sado-masochistic fantasies.

Officers seized Walker’s computer equipment and experts found chat log messages between him and a number of girls under 16.

He had sent the girl £50 and a note saying: “Just to show you I’m serious about everything.”

Walker admitted having internet contact with 15 other youngster but never met any of them.

The court also heard that when police visited Murray’s home on Strathmore Park, Irvine, Ayrshire, he told them: “I think I know why you are here.”

He had spent a night in a hotel with the girl where a sex act was performed. Murray also took explicit photographs of her on his mobile phone.

In court, Mr Wolfe told Lord Brodie that the only link between the three men was their involvement with the same girl.

All three have now had their names placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

They had each previously had sentence deferred for background reports to be completed and were sentenced at the High Court in Paisley.

Lord Brodie told Wilson he felt he had been guilty of child abuse at a most serious level and jailed him for 40 months.

He told Walker that by sending sexually explicit remarks in the manner described, he had in effect been responsible for “an invasion of the girls’ homes” and sentenced him to two years.

Murray was told that what he did, as he had conceded in court, was “wholly wrong”. He was jailed for 18 months.

All three had two-year extended sentences in place for after their release.