June 2019

Man who fled to Saudi Arabia to avoid sexual assault charges sentenced

Weybridge man who sexually assaulted an eight year old girl and fled to Saudi Arabia for six years to avoid capture has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment.

Naim Golmohamad, 67 of no fixed address but formerly of Weybridge subjected the victim to sexual abuse.

The court heard that in July and August 2012, Golmohamad sexually assaulted the victim, on two separate occasions in Byfleet

This second incident led to the victim revealing what happened to her mother, who called the police.

When officers were going to charge Golmohamad, who was originally arrested in September 2012 and released on bail, he fled the country for Saudi Arabia.

Police continued to track him and were alerted that he was back in the country in July last year when he bought credit for his mobile phone at Heathrow.

That phone made a call in Staffordshire and, using local information, he was traced to an address where colleagues from Staffordshire Police arrested him and returned him to Surrey.

He was charged and remanded into custody.

Ahead of sentencing, the victim wrote in her impact statement, described by Judge John as “A thoughtful and moving document”: “I question many times who I would be if the incidents had never happened in my life.

“I can’t really tell you a lot about how it’s affected me since 2012 because I can’t remember how I was before so I couldn’t really compare the before and after of my feelings and behaviour to tell you about the effects.

“It feels like I’m at war with myself and my body and it has been very difficult to try and come to peace with the incident.”

Golmohamad admitted three counts of sexual assault by touching and was also found guilty of two counts of sexual assault by penetration.

At Guildford Crown Court today (18 June), he was sentenced to nine years behind bars, consisting of a custodial term of eight years and an extended licence period of one year. He will be on the sex offenders register for life.