Graeme Seward, of Sutton in Craven, admits importing child sex doll

A pervert aged 62 has admitted illegally importing a child sex doll into the country from China.

Graeme Seward was warned by a judge at Bradford Crown Court today that he was likely to receive a prison sentence.

Seward, of Park Avenue, Sutton in Craven, near Keighley, pleaded guilty to two offences of being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of a prohibition of an indecent or obscene article, namely a child sex doll.

The charges relate to a period between August 1 and 22, 2017.

Seward, who wore a dark suit for the hearing, was committed to the crown court by Skipton magistrates after he admitted possession of 22 indecent images of children.

Prosecutor Alexander Menary said that Seward must sign on the sex offender register ahead of the sentencing hearing on July 12.

Seward’s barrister, Alasdair Campbell, asked Judge Jonathan Rose to adjourn the case for the preparation of a full report from the probation service.

The judge asked for confirmation that Seward needed to sign on the register for the two child sex doll offences, saying: “These cases are not terribly common.”

Seward ordered the doll on the internet and it was dispatched from China to the United Kingdom in two parts.

Customs officials intercepted the second package containing the doll’s body and it was seized and impounded at East Midlands Airport.

The police were alerted and when Seward’s home was searched, the doll’s head was found on top of his wardrobe.

It is understood that the complete item is 110 centimetres in height.

Judge Rose enlarged Seward’s bail until the sentencing hearing.

He told him: “I am not going to sentence you today because the court would be assisted by a pre-sentence report from the probation service.

“The fact that I am adjourning the case and granting you bail is in no way an indication of the sentence that will follow. In all likelihood, you will receive a prison sentence.”