June 2019

Couple who tortured a baby have been jailed

A couple who tortured a baby have been jailed for a total of 15 years.

Madison Ricketts-Devereux, 22, and her partner Craig Sayers, 32, subjected the 15-month-old tot to horrific injuries in January 2017.

The pair left the youngster with a broken arm and two fractured fingers after abusing her at their home in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Ricketts-Devereux’s daughter came to the attention of authorities after she was taken to hospital by her mother because she was unable to raise her arm.

On examination, it was found she had suffered injuries including a pulled out toenail that was forced as well as several multiple fractures.

Ricketts-Devereux and Sayers were found guilty at Hereford Crown Court of causing grievous bodily harm.

On Wednesday Sayers, of Worcester, was jailed for nine years while Ricketts-Devereux, of Ledbury, was given six years behind bars.

Sentencing, Recorder Martin Jackson said: “Madison Ricketts-Devereux, you were the only person with the opportunity to cause the damage to the right arm.

“Craig Sayers you went into the room and caused injuries to the left arm and toe. This was a vulnerable victim and there was an element of sustained assault.

“There are aggravating features as you were on bail at the time for another case of violence. You had breached trust as you had been trusted to settle the child.

“The nature of the injuries is also an aggravating factor, as was the fact that the injuries were caused at her home.

“I do not think that your previous good character is a mitigating factor. You were old enough to know better.

“Madison Ricketts-Devereaux, your immaturity is a mitigating factor, however, you still caused injuries to your child.”