May 2019

Pervert that groomed and sexually abused schoolboy avoids prison

A man who subjected a young boy to a sexual assault has avoided a prison sentence.

Malcolm Graham, 32 of Articlave appeared at Antrim Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a male child aged 13

The court was told that Graham who knew the mother of the child had taken the 13 year old on a hunting trip in January 2018. Graham told the mother of the boy that two other males known to her would also be on the trip. 

When they arrived at the location, Graham told the boy that they should go into the back of his van and wait for the other two members of the trip

Graham who works as a tiler all over the UK and Ireland had converted his van so a blow up mattress could be placed in the back.

Graham convinced the child that whilst they waited, he should drink some alcohol. The boy refused but Graham pressured the child by making a bet that he couldn’t drink the vodka. The boy sipped the vodka but spat it out when Graham turned away.

The pervert believing the boy had passed out drunk, straddled him and placed his hand in the boys boxers shorts. The boy woke up, and Graham pulled his hand out and pretended he was dreaming.

A short time later, the boy woke to discover Graham had put his hand in the boys boxers shorts again and was attempting to masturbate him.

The boy who was in a state of shock, scared and because he was far from home, turned away and pretended to be asleep in the hope Graham would leave him alone.

In the morning, Graham took the boy back to his home.

The boy told his mother what had happened and Graham was confronted and questioned about the allegation. Graham told the boys mother that he didn’t recall it happening.

The mother rang the police and Graham was arrested. 

The police later took statements from the two men who stated that Graham had not approached them about the hunting trip and had no knowledge of it.

Graham denied the offence right up until the trial date but changed his plea just two days before it was set to begin

The prosecution said Graham and lied in a bid to isolate the boy to get him drunk in order to molest him. 

The judge handed Graham a two year probation order

He was placed on the sex offenders register for five years, and told that he must have no unsupervised access or contact to any child aged under 16 other than that of his own children.