May 2019

Jersey man guilty of abuse of baby

A 31-year-old Jerseyman has pleaded guilty to child cruelty and assaulting a seven-week-old baby in Ireland 

Daniel Broadleday was sent to Ireland on 13 March after the Attorney General approved a request from the Irish Court Services to appear in court to face the charges

Born in Jersey, Mr Broadleday spent two years in Ireland after leaving the army in 2014. It is during his time in Limerick that he harmed a seven-week-old baby, leading the baby to suffer seizures and other serious injuries.

Broadleday pleaded guilty to three offences relating to the baby which include: Child abuse, child neglect and assault on a child 

Broadleday was extradited back to Ireland after he fled the hospital after the seven week old baby was taken in after suffering serious injuries including swelling to the brain.

Broadleday will be sentenced next month. He was remanded to prison until that time