May 2019

Two men jailed for knifepoint robbery and making/distributing images of child

Two men have today been jailed at Wood Green Crown Court for committing a knife-point robbery against a woman and her teenage daughter.

Kai Wang, 38 (15.05.81) of Margaret’s Road, Tottenham, N17 previously pleaded guilty on Wednesday, 13 March to robbery, sexual assault of a child, false imprisonment, making and distributing indecent images of child and possession of an identity document with improper intention.

He was sentenced today to 17 years 3 months, custodial term of 14 years and 3 months and 3 years on licence.

He was further sentenced to 3 years for sexual assault of a child to run concurrently, 3 years for false imprisonment to run concurrently, 8 months for making and 12 months for distributing indecent images of a child to run concurrently, 8 months imprisonment to run concurrently.

Wang will also be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Quan Chan, 39 (05.05.80) of Margaret’s Road, Tottenham, N17 pleaded guilty on Thursday, 28 February to robbery, false imprisonment, years for making indecent images of a child and possession of an identity document with improper intention.

Chan was sentenced today to 16 years 6 months, custodial term of 13 years and six months custody and 3 years extended licence.

He was further sentenced to 3 years for false imprisonment to run concurrently, 8 month for making indecent images of a child and 8 months possession of an identity document with improper intention to run concurrently.

The judge has received a finding of dangerousness in respect of both defendants and release can only be determined by approval of the parole board.

On Tuesday, 22 January, at around 20:15hrs a woman and her 13-year old daughter were working at a shop in Tottenham. Chan and Wang entered the shop wearing beanie hats and scarves partially covering their faces.

Chan claimed that he was going to place an order for food, at that point he grabbed the woman and placed his left hand across her neck.

He produced a knife which he also held to her neck. He told her not to scream and to comply with their demands. The CCTV system in the store was then disabled and removed by the attackers.

The defendants pushed the victim and her daughter into the back of the shop before covering their mouths brown tape and binding their hands and feet to a chair with rope.

Chan kept repeating that he was only interested in money and that if the woman did not cooperate, her daughter would be hurt. Wang then brandished a knife towards the child’s face which resulted in her nose being cut. A quantity of cash was recovered however they demanded more money, threatening they would take the girl outside.

Chan stated that he had been watching their house and believed there would be more money there. Due to the absolute fear for her daughter’s safety she agreed to go to the house with him. They left the shop while Wang remained alone with the child.

Wang then subjected the girl to a sexual assault and took photographs of her. He threatened that the photographs would be distributed if she reported the matter to police.

Whilst at the family home, the woman directed Chan to where further cash was stored. He stole the cash, began walking back towards the shop with the victim before fleeing.

The victim desperately made her way back to the shop to establish the welfare of her daughter. She discovered the child alone, still tied to the chair.

The robbery and ordeal had spanned two hours. At that point when the attackers had left the police were called.

An investigation was immediately launched by detectives from the North Area CID. As part of the enquiry, an E-fit compiled of one of the attackers. An officer who was viewing police intelligence photographs recognised; when his image was compared with the E-fit, the investigation team were satisfied that there was sufficient evidence to arrest Wang.

On Tuesday, 29 January, officers executed a dawn warrant at a multi-occupancy house on Margaret’s Road in Tottenham. Chan and Wang were found in a bedroom and arrested before being taken to a police station.

A search of their room revealed incriminating items including mobile phones, and clothing – which matched the description provided by the victims – and evidence directly linking them to the offence, including the surveillance hard drive which was stolen from the shop, almost £2,000 cash and two knives.

Also recovered was a length of orange rope which was matched that recovered in the shop. The carrier bag belonging to the victim and used to place the cash inside, and the victim’s wallet were also found in the room.

Two Chinese passports in the names of the defendants were examined by an expert who concluded that they were fraudulent and should not be relied upon as evidence of identity or nationality.

Chang and Wang were interviewed and answered “no comment” to all questions. The two men were recognised in an identification procedure. They were charged on Wednesday, 30 January.