Guilty: Abberley Hall teacher Paul Stevens admits child abuse

A former teacher admitted sexually abusing three young boys as more potential victims came forward.

Paul Stevens, former housemaster at Abberley Hall School, near Worcester, changed many of his pleas to guilty just a day after his trial began at Worcester Crown Court.

The jury had already watched video interviews from the first victim, now an adult, about the abuse he suffered in the early 1980s.

He was due to give evidence directly before the defendant’s change of heart.

Following discussions between barristers, Stevens was brought back to court to face the 29 counts which ran between January 1, 1983 and March 22, 1991.

He admitted five counts of indecency with a child and 10 indecent assaults against boys.

The abuse included masturbation, using a shampoo bottle to carry out a sex act, sexual touching and oral sex. Some of the counts reflected multiple incidents.

One of the victims died in 2010.

After Stevens admitted the offences, judge Andrew Lockhart QC directed that the jury return unanimous guilty verdicts on those counts.

The jury was discharged from returning verdicts on the remaining 14 counts which will lie on file.

The judge adjourned the case so victim personal statements and a pre-sentence report could be prepared which he said ‘will go to the issue of dangerousness.’

Judge Lockhart said: “It seems other men in the interim have come forward and have complained about conduct towards them.”

The judge said he did not want to sentence Stevens ‘piecemeal’ but for the ‘overall picture’, including for any further charges the Crown may bring.

Stevens will appear again before judge Lockhart wherever he is sitting on July 5.