May 2019

Sheriff jails Forfar pervert who edited images to show him abusing children he knew

A depraved pervert who admitted editing child abuse images to show him abusing children that he knew has been jailed.

John Myles, 51, put vile captions describing his fantasies involving the children on the pictures which he created over a near five-year period from his Forfar home.

Police raided his property last July following a tip off and found more than 4,000 indecent images of children and 17 sick child abuse videos.

In total 353 of the images had been edited – with images of Myles’s head and those of children who lived near him copied and pasted on to the bodies of the adults and children depicted in the images.

Fiscal depute Nicola Gillespie told Dundee Sheriff Court previously: “The accused has used photo editing software and has cropped, cut and pasted images of himself in sexual positions with children.

“Some have been edited to show the face of children assessed to be known to the accused.”

Myles of Caledonian Way, Whitehills, Forfar, pleaded guilty on indictment to taking or making and possessing indecent images of children between November 2013 and July 2018.

The 51-year-old returned to the dock from custody for sentencing following the preparation of reports.

Solicitor Ian Myles said his client was “ashamed” by his actions, adding that it was John Myles’ belief that he was a “changed man”.

He said: “He accepts that there is a breach of trust here as well. These were all fantasies, there was nothing physical.

“He is fully aware of the serious nature of the offences and that these are not victimless crimes. He is extremely regrettable and ashamed.”

Before jailing Myles for 18 months, Sheriff Alastair Brown said: “In the great majority of cases of making and possessing images, the offender has downloaded photographs and videos from the internet and that’s the only thing he has done.

“That’s bad enough because it involves real harm to a real child.

“You have, however, gone far beyond that. You manipulated the images to show that you were the man abusing the child.

“You manipulated images so as it appeared that the children being abused were children known to you.

“You described fantasies that were dreadfully depraved.”

Myles was also placed on the Sex Offender’s Register for 10 years.

April 2019

Angus paedophile edited himself on to ‘vile’ child abuse images

A Forfar man superimposed photographs of his face and the faces of children on to images of “vile” sexual acts.

John Myles, 51, also annotated the images with descriptions of his sick fantasies, Dundee Sheriff Court heard.

The paedophile had a total of 4,001 indecent images of children aged between five and 15 in his possession, some of which had been modified with the use of photo editing software.

The most extreme images were classed as category A.

Myles, a first offender, was said to have been employed in a “responsible” job, which he was hoping to continue with.

However, Sheriff Alastair Brown revoked his bail and remanded him in custody to await sentencing.

Sheriff Brown said: “The research tells us that those who have downloaded this kind of material – and who only do that as their first offence – are exceptionally unlikely to go on and actually touch a child.

“You, however, have adapted the images and annotated them with narrative.

“The images are vile and there is quite a lot of material.

“The use of images of real children moves your conduct into a different realm.”

Myles, of Caledonian Way, Whitehills, pled guilty to possessing indecent images of children between November 12 2013 and July 25 2018, at Mount Feredith in Forfar.

He also admitted taking, or permitting to be taken, indecent images of children between November 12 2013 and July 8 2018, at the same address.

Myles had his sentence deferred until May 21 for criminal justice and social work reports.