June 2019

Perverted teacher took secret pictures of girls in his high school class then sent them to evil sex offender

A maths teacher from a West Yorkshire high school took secret photographs of girls in his classroom and sent them to a known sex offender.

Dominic Peachey was locked up for 16 months after a court heard how he used pictures of girls in school uniform to exchange for graphic images of child sex abuse.

Peachey sent the images to Welsh Government lawyer John Ryan-Guess who then sent the teacher the vile images in return.

Former barrister Ryan-Guess was jailed for more than 20 years in August last year for sexually abusing young girls then sharing pictures and videos of his abuse on the internet with other paedophiles.

Peachey’s offending came to light when officers in South Wales were carrying out the investigation into Ryan-Guess.

Officers searched the paedophile’s computers and found a file named ‘Dominic My Choices’.

Within that file were sub-files called “Special Stuff” and “Those From People I Know”.

They contained images taken secretly by Peachey while he was teaching in a classroom at the West Yorkshire school.

Some were of girls wearing uniform and focused on their crotch area. One was of a girl, aged 12 or 13, bending over looking in her handbag.

The information was passed to West Yorkshire Police who contacted the school and confirmed the images were taken in one of their classrooms.

Peachey was arrested and computers and mobile phone devices belonging to him were found to contain illegal images.

Fourteen illegal movies and still images were at category A – the most serious level of offending.

Category B and C images were also found along with pornographic images depicting animals.

Peachey, also known as Dominic Peachey-Moore, refused to comment when first interviewed.

He later accepted that he had taken the images of the girls without their knowledge and sent them to another man.

Peachey, of Carr Street, Selby, pleaded guilty to nine offences of making indecent images of children and three of possessing extreme pornographic images.

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, told the defendant that although the images he had taken of the schoolgirls do not form any part of the charges, it was still an aggravating feature of the case.

He said: “None of the children or their parents gave you permission to take them.

“You used them as a bargaining tool.

“You were actively involved in a networking process – in the sharing of indecent images of children.

“You took photographs of children you had a duty of care for as a school master.

“You shared those with a known sex offender.

“In my judgement there has to be a substantial prison sentence to bring it home to anyone else that such behaviour will be tolerated.”

April 2019

Teacher told to expect to go to prison for a very long time

A teacher from a West Yorkshire school has been told to expect to “go to prison for a very long time” after pleading to a string of serious child sexual abuse images offences.

Dominic Peachey appeared before Leeds Crown Court after admitting nine offences of making indecent images of a children including some that showed the rape and torture of young children

The 38-year-old has also admitted three charges of possessing extreme pornographic images featuring “dead or alive animals”.

The 12 offences took place between March and May 2017.

Peachey appeared in court for sentencing yesterday but the case was adjourned to investigate whether Peachey had distributed some of the most serious images to others.

Judge Tom Bayliss QC said the images were acquired during the course of his conduct as a “school master”.

The school where Peachey worked at the time of the offending was not named in open court.

Peachy, 38, of Carr Street, Selby, was told he must return to court on May 31 when he will be sentenced.

He was granted unconditional bail.

Judge Bayliss told Peachey: “These are very serious offences and expect to go to prison for a very long time.

“The reason I am adjourning it is to find out exactly what you were distributing.”

The judge added: “You must prepare yourself for a long prison sentence.”

The nine offence of making indecent photographs of a child date between March 19 and May 31, 2017.

The offences of possessing extreme pornographic images of an animal date back to May 10, 2017.