March 2019

Pervert sentenced for possession and production of indecent images of children


A pervert caught with more than 100 indecent images on his computer has been spared jail.

Carl Holt, 24, of Harrogate Road, Eccleshill admitted making three Category A videos and nine Category C photos of children being abused, and possessing 103 prohibited images, 20 of which were videos.

Prosecutor Peter Adams told Bradford Crown Court police were alerted to Holt’s activities after an indecent image was uploaded from his IP address in Bradford.

Officers searched his address and computing equipment was seized, and after a full examination the indecent images were discovered.

Mr Adams said one of the videos showed the oral rape of a girl aged between six and eight, who “showed signs of discomfort” in the video, and others showed the full rape of young children

The ages of the children being abused in the ranged from one to 14-years-old, Mr Adams said.

The 103 prohibited images found on Holt’s hard drive were computer generated images – animations – depicting “acts of penetration involving young children”.

He said there had been no signs of “searches or systematic storage”, but some images had been deleted.

Sentencing Holt, Judge Jonathan Rose told Holt he “bares responsibility” for the abuse of the children in the images.

He said: “You have been viewing images of children being sexually abused.

“Those who make this sick, vile filth – whether still or moving images – only do so because there is a market for it. You are that market.

“If people like you did not want to see those images those children would not be sexually abused, so you bare responsibility for what happened to those children as if you did it yourself.

“This is your first foray into crime, and some would say you richly deserve prison because there is no excuse for viewing such vile images.

“But, this sentence is specifically designed for you. Receiving treatment so you cease to have a sexual interest in children is a greater benefit to you and the wider community; if that is not stopped there is a greater risk you may progress to touching children.”

Holt was given a two year community order with 90 days on a Sexual Offending Behaviour Programme, ordered to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work, ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years, and made subject of a sexual harm prevention order with no limit of time.

“This is to help and punish you while also protecting the public,” added Judge Rose.

“If you do not do this you will do to prison.”