September 2010

Rapist who attacked victim in front of her son, aged 5, is jailed

A CARPET fitter who raped and physically abused two women for years was yesterday jailed for ten and a half years.

At the High Court in Glasgow, temporary judge Norman Ritchie QC told 31-year-old Neil McIntosh: “This was a sustained course of savagery.

You displayed unbridled viciousness and you raped these women repeatedly. The effects for your victims will be long-standing, perhaps even permanent.”

Judge Ritchie told McIntosh that, but for his early guilty plea, he would have been jailed for 12 years.

McIntosh beat one of his victims until she was unconscious while her five-year-old son looked on shouting: “Leave my mummy alone.” He repeatedly attacked the woman for six years.

On one occasion he tried to drown her. When she eventually managed to break free from the abuse, McIntosh moved on to his second victim whom he regularly visited at her Glasgow home.

McIntosh again repeatedly beat and raped the 36-year-old. He was eventually arrested when a friend of the second victim woman called the police after discovering what had been going on.

McIntosh, a prisoner at Barlinnie Prison, admitted repeatedly assaulting and raping his first victim at various addresses in Inverness-shire between January 1999 and November 2005.

He also pled guilty to repeatedly assaulting and raping the second woman at an address in Glasgow between January and September 2009.

Prosecutor Leanne Cross told the court that McIntosh started attacking his first victim in January 1999.

Miss Cross said: “He held her down on the bed and forcibly raped her. This happened repeatedly before she realised that it was ‘easier to give in’. “He often beat her in front of her son who would try to pull him away shouting, ‘Leave mummy alone.'”

The court heard that, on one occasion, McIntosh threw the woman against a wall and knocked her unconscious and when she woke up her son was lying over her crying.

He also held her head under water for long periods of time as she ran her son’s bath

The woman eventually broke off all contact with McIntosh. She never reported what had happened to her until the second victim complained to the police. McIntosh met his second victim in August 2008, and began repeatedly raping her.

The court heard that the woman called one of her friends during one round of abuse “virtually hysterical” and her friend called the police.

When officers arrived at the woman’s Glasgow home, she told them what had been happening to her and McIntosh was detained.

She was treated in hospital for a perforated eardrum and a broken hand. Yesterday Judge Ritchie placed McIntosh on the sex offenders’ register.