February 2019

Convicted pervert given a six-year extended jail sentence

A man has been given a six-year extended jail sentence after admitting possessing vile images of children.

Robert Burns, also known as Duncan Robert Smith, was said to have had “a protracted history of accessing images of abuse”.

Judge Simon James told the 43-year-old pervert he had an “entrenched sexual preoccupation with children”.

Burns, who admitted three offences of making and distributing sick sex images, was given a four-year immediate jail term and the judge added an extra two years which he will serve on licence when he is released.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that six years ago Burns was regarded as posing a significant risk to youngsters.

The judge added: “You were sentenced to an extended sentence for similar offending in 2013 when you were also subjected to prohibitions specifically designed to stop you accessing images.

“Despite that you have gone to considerable lengths to access more indecent images and you have freely admitted you are sexually attracted to children.”

Burns distributed images which reflected his “deep seated distorted views”.

The judge added: “In my judgement your abject failure to deviate from these distorted views shows you pose a continued risk.”

He ruled that Burns, of Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate, will have to serve two-thirds of the four-year sentence, rather than the usual half, before he can be considered for parole.

Judge James added: “I feel compelled to impose a sentence for public protection.”

Investigating officer Detective Constable Katie Coleman said: “Burns still hasn’t learnt his lesson despite previous convictions for similar offences and ongoing interventions. As such he has now been sent back to prison for his offending.

“People like Burns who are sharing indecent images online forget that behind every image is a child who has been the victim of abuse. We will do everything within our power at Kent Police to ensure those committing these awful crimes are caught and brought to justice.”