January 2019: Currently living near a nursery in Batchley, Redditch.

October 2013: Greatbatch has now been released. On licence until 2018

December 2009

Pervert jailed for raping young girl in taxi

A depraved pervert has been jailed after he was convicted of sexually abusing a disabled and mentally handicapped 13 year old girl in his taxi.

Michael Leslie Greatbatch, 67 of Redditch appeared at Birmingham Crown Court where he was convicted of three counts of sexual activity with a person who suffers from a mental disorder.

The court was told that Greatbatch sexually assaulted a mentally handicapped 13 year old girl who suffered with the mental age of a child much younger

Whilst he drove her to a special school in Birmingham in his taxi, Greatbatch forced the child to perform a sexual act on him before raping and sodomizing her

The judge sentenced Greatbatch to a total of 13 years of which he must serve a minimum of four in prison – Minus time spent on remand

Greatbatch was told that he must register as a sex offender for life

As part of his sexual harm prevention order (SHPO), Greatbatch is prohibited from:

  • Residing in the same premises with a female aged 16 or under 

  • Undertaking any unpaid work or activity with a female aged 16 or under 

  • Providing transport to any female aged 16 or under