March 2019

Rapist complains he won’t be able to start a family after repeatedly raping teen

A rapist has complained he won’t be able to start a family after being jailed for dragging a teenage girl into woodland and repeatedly raping her.

Floris-Adrian Gherghelau, 25, was caught on CCTV after he forced his 18-year-old victim into some bushes at night and held her for almost two hour. Florian, who will serve 14 years in jail before being deported back to his home country of Romania, said he understood – what he called ‘my first mistake’ – would ruin his chances of ‘having a good life and a family’.

‘When he has completed his sentence, the defendant will be deported and returned to Romania, subject to the discretion of the Secretary of State, but there are no factors that mean he should stay in this country.’

The court heard he targeted the teenage victim in July 2018 in an area of the Camberley Health Centre car park. He grabbed her, dragged her into bushes and subjected her to a 90 minute long rape attack in the bushes. 

After the attack, the victim sought help at a nearby petrol station where staff contacted the police and she was able to provide a full description of the offender.

DNA from the attacker was found on the victim.

This forensic evidence meant that, provided a successful match was found, it would positively identify the attacker.

Gherghelau proved a positive DNA match and was subsequently arrested.

Despite admitting the attack during his police interview, Gherghelau denied the charges in court but was later found guilty of two counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and attempted rape following a subsequent trial.

June Venters, QC, told him: ‘What you did was vile and the actions of a dangerous sexual deviant. ‘You kept her in the bushes after having violated her for a period of approximately two hours when, in an effort to escape, she offered you money, such was her fear.’

The court heard how on 30 January, 2018, shortly before midnight, the victim was walking to meet friends after finishing a shift at a supermarket.

She was unaware she was being tailed by the defendant, who had spotted her while he drinking a Coca Cola outside the shop and found her attractive.

She took a shortcut through a car park, at which point Florian approached her and clamped his hand around her mouth.

Prosecuting at Guildford Crown Court, Ryan Richter read from an extract of the victim’s impact statement and said: ‘She has taken an overdose, become concerned about her safety, having to triple check locks, close blinds and even block doors in rooms she is in.

‘She couldn’t sleep and went through a phase of taking a knife to bed with her.

She thought she saw the defendant in public even though she knew he was in prison at the time. She continues to have flashbacks of the events of that night, memories come into her head without warning.

‘She did not want to attend the trial and give evidence, it was so hard and at times she did not know if she would be able to continue. She does not know if she’ll ever fully recover.’

Lyall Thompson, defending, said: ‘The defendant has never accepted his guilt in this case and still has a lack of insight into the serious nature of it. He said in the witness box, and he told a probation officer, “but this was my first mistake!”

‘He says very little to me, generally, but very little to me in terms of mitigation. He is sorry – I do not say that is the most genuine remorse.

‘There is no doubt that his sorrow is as much for his position as it is for the victim – but he does have an understanding now of what his actions have cost for his life, if not in terms of the victim’s life. He wanted to work and start a family, he now realises he cannot do that.

January 2019

“Dangerous predator” found guilty of Camberley rape

A 24-year-old man has been found guilty of raping a teenager in Camberley.

Floris-Adrian Gherghelau, of Park Road, Camberley, followed his 18-year-old victim before he grabbed her and subjected her to a prolonged rape in a secluded area of Camberley, shortly before 1am on 1 July 2018.

After the attack, the victim managed to get to a nearby petrol station, where she disclosed what had happened, and staff contacted the police.

The victim provided a description of the offender, and forensic tests gave officers a full DNA profile which led to Gherghelau being found as a match and arrested.

Gherghelau, who pleaded not guilty to various offences was found guilty on all charges and will be sentenced at a later date.