December 2018

Man caught by paedophile hunters

A pervert has avoided a prison sentence after he groomed what he believed was a 13 year old girl online

Jason Harris, 49 of Yeovil appeared at Taunton Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to:

  • Attempting to incite a girl aged 13 to engage in sexual activity.

  • Attempting to communicate sexually with a child.

The court was told that Harris had contacted an online profile he believed belonged to a 13 year old girl

He went on to send sexual messages and naked images of himself whith showed his clear intent of engaging the child into sexual activity

In a series of depraved messages, Harris stated that he wanted the child to move in with him, and in a perverse twist, he constantly referred to her as his daughter.

However, the child was an adult member of paedophile hunting team ‘Action Against Predators’ – who pose online as children to catch sexual predators

Harris, 47, of Givele Close, Yeovil, was found guilty of attempting to make a sexual communication with a child, and attempting to incite a girl between the age of 13-15 into sexual activity.

Harris spent the last three months on remand before admitting both charges.

The judge handed Harris a community order lasting two years, a 40 day rehabilitation course, and placed him of the sexual offenders register for five years.

He was also placed under a five year sexual harm prevention order and order to £285 in costs and victim surcharge.