Update: Shaun Proctor has changed his surname by deed poll to Catton

February 2016

Pervert caught with vile sexual abuse images of children

More than 600 shocking videos of child sexual abuse images were found on a man’s computer, one featuring a two-year-old.

Shaun Proctor said he had been sharing movies online when he was sent the illegal videos in the process, and viewed them.

On Friday, February 26, he was sentenced to a total of 12 months when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to making and possessing indecent photos.

On his release from jail he must sign the sex offenders’ register and be subject to a sexual harm prevention order for ten years.

He was caught after police seized his Samsung laptop after monitoring online file-sharing.

A guilty Proctor later went to a police station and said “I think I need to speak to someone”.

“Proctor, in that voluntary interview with police, said it all began some two years ago,” said Gareth Gimson, prosecuting.

“He was on a file-sharing website, sharing the latest blockbuster movies, and asserts he randomly received videos of children and deleted them and then saved them.”

He admitted he performed a sexual act.

One video clip showed a naked two-year-old being abused who was plainly distressed, said Mr Gimson.

A second showed another distressed girl, aged between three and five years.

Judge Nirmal Shant, who sentenced him, ordered forfeiture and destruction of the laptop officers seized in October last year.

“You are 36 years of age,” she told Proctor, of Beauvale Road, Hucknall.

“You have no previous matters recorded against you and I accept, when dealing with you, that you are remorseful for what you have done and have taken some steps to address what you have done.”

She said she had no alternative but to pass a custodial sentence.