December 2018

NHS administrator led secret double life as an online paedophile

An NHS administrator led secret double life as an online paedophile in which she swapped squalid images of children with her boyfriend.

Laura Nixon-Corfield, 33, would accompany the explicit pictures alongside shocking messages including: ”I like seeing girls acting as whores, it shows what they’ll be as adults – start them that young.”

Police were called in after Nixon-Corfield, who works as a clinical administrator for the National Institute for Health Research, attended a hospital near her home in Manchester.

She complained of suicidal thoughts and confessed she had been fielding indecent images.

Officers raided her home and found her laptop contained images of children aged between one to 12 with the majority of youngsters being aged between six and eight-years-old and who appeared to be in distress and pain.

Inquiries revealed there was an attempt to delete the images through a computer software programme.

In a statement Nixon-Corfield who also officiates at roller skating events and who previously worked at the Christie Cancer Hospital said: ”I fully admit to the offences alleged in the indictment on the full facts.”

“I accept full responsibility for my actions and do not seek to blame on somebody else for this course of offending”.

At Manchester Crown Court, Nixon-Corfield wept as she admitted possessing or distributing 821 indecent images and was given two years jail suspended for two years.

She was also ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for ten years and was made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The London-based boyfriend who is currently facing an investigation over the images cannot be named for legal reasons.

Prosecutor Miss Charlotte Crangle said: “The offences came to light in 10 June 2017 when the defendant attended the Manchester Royal Infirmary in the early hours of the morning, she was indicating having suicidal thoughts.

“When seen by the mental health nurse she disclosed that she had been invoked in a relationship with a male and she had been sending indecent images to him.

”She said she felt under pressure from him to do this and the nursing staff then informed the police.

“Officers attended at her home and her mobile phone was seized along with a Lenonvo Laptop.

“They had remained friends ever since until the relationship began to become sexual.

”He began to bombard her with demands and she felt under pressure to comply, she felt she had to do exactly what he told her, including sending pictures of children.

“There was a large number of pornographic images which she sent to him involving adults and adults performing sexual acts.

“She was released under investigation at that stage and her phone and computer was sent off for analysis.’

After police found the images, Nixon-Corfield was quizzed again and maintained she felt ”under pressure” from her boyfriend ”to behave in this way.”

“It is clear from the chat logs that the defendant was willing and fully participated in the sexual behaviour.

”It appeared she did derive sexual gratification from the chats.

“One of the comments said: ‘I like seeing girls acting as whores, it shows what they’ll be as adults” and “start them that young’.

“There were other various comments referring to sexual acts against children and other similar comments of that nature.

“The age of the children was a vulnerable age. The images were described to show them in distress and in pain.”