November 2018

Stalker left girl, 14, suicidal after sharing explicit images of her online

A stalker who left a 14-year-old girl suicidal after hacking into her online accounts and sharing explicit images of her online has been jailed

Craig Fletcher, 40 who lives in Bordeaux Road, Meir became obsessed with the teenager and began tracking her every move.

The IT expert, jailed for five-and-a-half years, also threatened extreme violence against her male friends and on one occasion he went to McDonald’s and threatened to break a young boy’s legs if he went near her.

Leeds Crown Court heard the girl later got a boyfriend but the young couple then began receiving sexually-explicit messages from Fletcher and the defendant hacked into their accounts to send private photos of them to their friends.

Fletcher was arrested in 2017 and police found a large number of extreme pornographic images – featuring animals, sadism and mutilation – on his computer

Now Fletcher is behind bars after admitting two counts of stalking, four counts of sending private photographs without consent and having extreme pornography.

Judge Christopher Batty told the defendant: “You have never provided an explanation as to why you did this. But I take the view that it was born out of obsession and nothing else – your campaign caused significant stress to two young people.

“You were able to stop this at any time but you did not. You are now ashamed of what you did but you only have yourself to blame. This was not a one-off matter, it was a long course of action over many months.”

The court heard the boy and girl were both left feeling suicidal.