November 2018

Pervert groomed 14-year-old girl for sex, then tried to blame HER as a ‘maneater’

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A paedophile who had sex with a 14-year-old and filmed her performing a sex act on him claimed SHE had sexually assaulted him and dubbed her a ‘maneater.’

Twisted Christopher Byrne, 41, was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of eight counts of sexual activity with a child, but had tried to accuse the girl of performing a sex act on him while he was half-asleep.

Giving evidence, the young victim described how at first they talked ‘just normal,’ but he had then started to hug her, tell her she was beautiful and try to kiss her.

She said she had never been told things like that before, adding: “He said he would be able to take me away and give me the life I deserved.

“He promised me all the things I thought I would never have in life.

“He used to make me do stuff and dress up for him, and he used things on me.

“I would go upstairs and there were things on the bed, vibrators and stuff – he used them on me, and I didn’t like it.

“But I never asked him to stop because I was too scared. He had clothes for me, lace body-suit kind of things and stockings.”

The 41-year-old claimed to have suffered from throat cancer, for which he said he was successfully treated – although there was no reference to that in his medical records.

Asked if there had been any sexual contact, he said the girl had once kissed him, which had left him ‘taken aback.’

He said that on a later occasion, after she was 16, she had been to his home at a time when he had been feeling ill and was upstairs in bed asleep, partly as a result of medication.

Recalling half-waking and realising someone was performing a sex act on him, but assumed it was his partner until the girl told him a couple of days later it had been her.

Claiming he was the victim, the pervert called the girl a ‘maneater’ and wants to get her done for sexual assault.

Appearing at Warwick Crown Court on Friday, Byrne of Nuneaton, was found guilty of a total of eight charges of sexual activity with a child – which he had denied despite having recorded one incident on his phone.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison and told to register as a sex offender for life.

Sentencing Judge Sally Hancox said there only one type of sentence in this case before caging him.

Prosecutor Michael Williams said: “They engaged in various sex acts, and he also bought sex aids which he used on her and bought her sexy lingerie he would ask her to wear.

“When matters finally came to light and he was arrested, he denied anything had taken place between them.

“But the police discovered a recording on his phone of the girl performing oral sex on him – which he then claimed had taken place at her instigation after she had turned 16.

“The girl who said she was 14 when she began engaging in sexual activity with Byrne.”