November 2018

‘Unreformed paedophile,’ and convicted rapist, exposed himself to children in Pembroke Dock

An already convicted child rapist who was released early from prison exposed himself to primary school children on successive days

Alan Melville, aged 61, had been released early from a 12-year sentence, imposed in 2012 for the rape of a child.

In September this year, a man and two young sisters saw him engage in a sex act in the kitchen of his flat in Bush Street, Pembroke Dock.

Melville today admitted two offences of indecent exposure and was jailed for a total of 15 months.

But, Swansea crown court heard he had already been recalled to prison to continue serving the original sentence, and will stay in jail beyond the new sentence.

Ian Wright, prosecuting, said on September 20 a father was driving his daughter home from school when she told him she had seen a naked man standing in the kitchen window of his home.

The following day he took a second daughter to school and left her in his van while he called into a newsagent. When he returned, he found her in tears; she told him she had seen a naked man engaged in a sex act.

The father telephoned the police.

When officers arrived they were approached by a second man who complained that he had seen Melville naked and exposing himself the previous day.

Mr Wright said Melville was arrested and police discovered he had taken a photograph of himself naked below the waist only 30 minutes before they arrived.

Judge Paul Thomas, the same judge who jailed Melville in 2012, described him as an “unreformed, unrepentant sexual offender and paedophile who continues to be a risk.”

Judge Thomas said he did not know when Melville would be released as that was not up to him, but he said he hoped the authorities would take the view that he was nowhere near ready.

Judge Thomas also explained in open court to the parents of the girls that his sentencing powers were limited to the maximum available for offences of exposure.

Melville is already registered with the police as a sex offender.

Judge Thomas issued a sexual harm prevention order, restricting Melville’s activities after his eventual release.