November 2018

Alloa teen convicted of sexual assault twice in same month

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A WEE COUNTY teen is behind bars this week after being found guilty of sexually assaulting two women, just weeks after he was convicted for similar attacks on two children.

Adam Anderson was found guilty of two charges following a trial at Stirling Sheriff Court on Monday, November 19.

He assaulted a 17-year-old and a 23-year-old in two separate incidents earlier this year.

The first involved the 23-year-old female, and took place on July 8 near to an underpass near Wallace Street in Stirling.

The victim, speaking from behind a screen, said she was walking alone to a friend’s house at around 8pm when she noticed Anderson ahead of her.

She said: “I didn’t notice him at first because I was just walking, and just as he was one meter ahead of me he swerved into my direction and with his left hand smacked me across the bum.”

Anderson, 19, then walked down and through the underpass where the woman had just emerged from.

She added: “I was just shocked at first because it was just so random.”

The court was then shown CCTV footage of the incident, with Anderson seen later emerging from the underpass.

Details of the second incident on August 9 were then heard.

The 17-year-old, also speaking from behind a screen, said she was followed as she made her way home, alone, from Alloa Railway Station in the evening.

She said: “I was followed home for a lengthy amount of time, and just as I got to my front door I felt someone right behind me.

“It was obvious they were following me because they were really close.”

She then described the assault and told the court: “I felt someone grab me from behind. He grabbed my bum with both hands. It wasn’t lingering, but it was definitely a grab.”

She said Anderson then walked away, and she reported the incident to the police when inside her home.

When asked how she felt after the assault, the teenager broke down, but bravely continued with her evidence.

“It was like my stomach was just like a pit,” she said. “It was just disgusting.”

The court was played CCTV footage of a street near the area where the victim was assaulted, which showed her walking quickly while Anderson followed closely behind.

Anderson gave his version of events to the court and claimed he suffers from “split personality disorder”, and that he sometimes hears voices in his head.

When asked about what happened on July 8, he claimed he hit the woman on the buttocks “by accident” while trying to get her attention and ask for a cigarette.

When asked about the second incident involving the 17-year-old girl on August 9, Anderson said he thought he recognised the girl as a friend of his.

He added that he and the alleged friend would always “do something random” to introduce themselves to each other, citing the buttock grab as such an act.

However, Sheriff Simon Collins was unconvinced by Anderson’s bizarre explanations and found him guilty of both charges, while ruling there was a sexual element to the crimes.

He said: “I found both complainers to be entirely credible, and the accused’s explanations entirely uncredible.”

The sheriff was then told about the conviction for sexual assault handed down at Alloa Sheriff Court only two weeks ago.

He also heard that both convictions were remarkably similar in nature.

As a result, Sheriff Collins ruled that Anderson be remanded in custody before re-appearing for sentencing on November 28.