Carlo Nani – Renfrew

November 2018

Renfrew park pervert who groped teenage girl banned from contacting kids

Carlo Nani has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years

A CREEP who sexually assaulted a teenage girl in a park and tried to lure a primary school pupil back to his house has been banned from having any contact with children.

Carlo Nani, 42, groped the 16-year-old girl, who can’t be named for legal reasons, in Robertson Park, Renfrew, earlier this year.

He also invited a 10-year-old boy back to his home in the town’s Paisley Road on the same day.

Nani denied the offences but went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court last month.

The girl told the court she had been in the park on May 12 this year when she was targeted by Nani.

He hugged her and moved his hands over her hips and back against her will, in breach of Section 3 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009.

Nani also committed a breach of the peace by conducting himself in a disorderly way and inviting a 10-year-old boy, who also can’t be named for legal reasons, to go to his home with him.

He gave evidence in his own defence, telling the court he had been walking his dog in the park on the day in question.

Nani, who had been drinking, admitted he might have invited the youngster back to his home but claimed he never had any contact with the girl.

He denied he had been loitering and staring at them, claiming he spoke to the boy to ask him if he was okay as he was alone and helped him get his scooter back from the girl.

Nani added that, if he had asked the boy to go home with him, it would have been so he could make a phone call to an adult.

However, Sheriff Seith Ireland rejected Nani’s version of events and convicted him of sexual assault for touching the girl and a breach of the peace for asking the boy back to his home.

Sentence was deferred for background reports to be prepared and Nani returned to the dock on Monday to learn his fate.

Defence solicitor Fraser Alexander said social workers had assessed Nani as being unfit for unpaid work.

As a result, Sheriff Ireland allowed him to go unpunished over the offences.

He placed Nani on a three-year Community Payback Order (CPO), telling him he will be supervised by social workers and has to attend alcohol counselling when directed to do so by his supervisor.

He also banned Nani from having any unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18 and placed him on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years.

As there was no unpaid work imposed, there is no punishment element to the CPO.

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