November 2018

Pervert sentenced after he tried to rape young girl

A mother has lashed out at her own son to say how ashamed she is of him after he tried to rape an 11-year-old girl.

Joshua Beardmore, 25, pounced on the girl as she walked home, dragging her to the ground and molesting her.

Yesterday he was called a coward by judge Tim Tindal for refusing to leave his cell to be jailed for a minimum of 12 years for attempted rape of a child and sexual assault by penetration of a child

His mother also stood up at Worcester Crown Court and said: ‘I’m so ashamed he’s done all this to that poor little girl.’

She has also written to her son’s victim and her family to apologise for what he did.

Beardmore, of Worcester, was walking the girl home after she had visited his partner’s children, when he attacked her in an alleyway near Barker Street, in the city.

Beardmore grabbed the girl, sexually assaulted her and attempted to rape her.

The girl managed to escape and ran away, bumping into a man who was using a cash machine nearby.

She begged him for help and he called police who dashed to the scene before finding Beardmore at his home.

As officers tried to arrest him, Beardmore grabbed a kitchen knife and attempted to slash his wrists but was restrained.

The court heard Beardmore was ‘cautioned’ in 2005 after he exposed himself to a boy under 13 and inappropriately touched him.

He also had a conviction for kidnapping a woman in 2014 following an attempted robbery.

He will serve a minimum of 12 years before being considered for release on licence for six years.

Victim statement of the case:

The girl, who had a 10pm curfew, said Beardmore had offered to walk her home and suggested they go to the Co-Op where he bought a bottle of Lucozade.

CCTV shows the girl and Beardmore in the shop at 10.10pm, 10 minutes after she was supposed to be home.

After they left the shop they entered the alleyway which she described as ‘really, really dark’, telling officers ‘I couldn’t really see anything’.

Beardmore said he wanted to meet a friend and she said at one stage he pretended to be on his mobile phone before he pulled her leggings and knickers down to her knees.

She said: “He kind of went around the back of me and took my underwear off.

“I said ‘what are you doing?’

He said ‘nothing’.

He obviously was doing something. I was trying to shout.

The second time he slapped me and kept on hitting me.

“I said ‘please stop’.

He kept on hitting me. He picked me up. He was dragging me around.”

She said he picked her up under her armpits and left a bruise on her upper arm and her shoes fell off.

The girl described how she was crying and begging him to stop as he was ‘touching her everywhere’.

She told officers he carried out a penetrative sexual assault using his finger.

The girl also described him pulling down his boxer shorts and rubbing himself against her as they lay on the ground.

During the assault she said she believed ‘he was trying to kill me in some way’.

“I was terrified. I did not want to run because he’s a fast runner” she said.

The girl told officers he stopped and said to her: “Sorry. What have I done?”

She asked him if she could collect her belongings and she ran back in the direction of the Co-op, telling a man called Mark Fletcher who had been at the Goodrest what had happened at around 10.15pm.