March 2007

Pensioner horrified as man exposes himself

A man masturbated right outside the window of a horrified widow.

Tristan Jones, of Valley View, Tredegar, was sentenced to three months in prison by magistrates for exposing his genitals to the woman, believed to be in her 70s.

The 31-year-old had been friends with the woman’s late husband.

After drinking heavily he went to her home and exposed himself to her through the window, beckoning towards her with his other hand.

Penny Palmer, prosecuting, told magistrates in Cwmbran: ‘At around 10.45pm the woman’s attention was drawn to the front of the premises by her dog becoming agitated.

‘She opened her curtains and saw the defendant, right up against the window. He had his trousers open, and was masturbating.

‘He beckoned towards the lady and was mouthing something which she couldn’t understand.

‘She was frightened and shocked and wanted him to go away. She was sickened.’

The woman shouted at Jones to ‘go away’ and shoo’, but when he refused to move, she called police.

Officers found Jones minutes later in a neighbouring street.

He was very intoxicated and they struggled to get him into a police vehicle, eventually calling for the area van, which he threatened to try to turn over.

During a later interview he admitted to police that he knew the woman.

Jones is currently serving an 18-month prison sentence for an offence of wounding, arising from an incident involving his brother-in-law Mark Williams.

Jonathan Williams, defending, said Jones has little memory of the incident, which occurred on September 11 last year.

He originally pleaded not guilty to the offence but changed his plea shortly before a trial was due to start after saying the woman had no reason to lie about what he had been doing.

Magistrates gave him credit for not making the woman have to go through the embarrassment of giving evidence.

‘My client is no stranger to the courts, but has no other offences similar to this,’ said Mr Williams.

‘He had been drinking heavily but he is not using that as an excuse, but as an explanation as to why he did what he did.

‘In prison he has been attending courses with Alcoholics Anonymous and enhanced thinking skills and anger management programmes.

‘He has limited social skills as he has suffered with a stammer which caused him considerable embarrassment and made him subject to bullying.

‘He has made significant steps forward.

Magistrate Mr R. Colbourne told Jones: ‘We find this a very distasteful case, this was a very, very vulnerable elderly lady living alone.’

Jones was sentenced to two weeks (to run concurrently to his current sentence) for resisting police and 12 weeks (to run consecutively) for exposing his genitals.

The sentence could affect his hearing for parole in June.