November 2018

Pervert caught by paedophile hunting team

A pervert who groomed what he believed was two schoolgirls online has been jailed.

Unemployed Graham Cudlip, 37 of Welwyn Garden City appeared at St. Albans Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to:

Two counts of attempting to sexually communicate with a child 

The court was told that Cudlip had contacted two online profiles of who he believed belonged to two girls aged 13.

Cudlip immediately sent a string of sexually charged messages.

He told them that if he saw them in their school uniform, then he would find them very sexy

He went on to say that he was their daddy and that he would have sex with them in there uniforms

On numerous occasions, Cudlip sent messages talking about sexual activity and in one asked if they had ever seen a penis

However, the girls did not exist and instead were ‘decoys’ from paedophile hunting team ‘Totnes Justice’, who pose online as children in order to catch sexual predators who target children

Even after he was arrested, Cudlip refused to show any remorse for his actions and actually felt that he had done nothing wrong  

The judge handed Cudlip an 8 month prison sentence

A sexual harm prevention order was imposed for 5 years, and he was told that he must register as a sex offender for 10 years