November 2018

Oakhurst paedophile who blamed his Parkinson’s medicine is jailed

A PARKINSON’s sufferer who blamed his medication when he sexually abused two children has been jailed for five years and seven months.

Stephen Hyam claimed he was suffering from impulsive, compulsive disorder after being given too strong a dose.

But a judge dismissed the excuse and said he knew what he was doing was wrong and had continued even after he had been confronted.

Pushpanjali Gohil, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court the 65-year-old first groped a 10-year-old girl earlier this summer.

After she told her family about what had happened the defendant was confronted. But he lied, saying he had accidentally touched the child and it wouldn’t happen again. But in the following weeks he repeatedly abused an eight-year-old boy.

Ms Gohil said he told the little boy not to tell. He would also would stop if he thought someone was coming.

When questioned Hyam, of Fitwell Road, Oakhurst, accepted what he had done, but pleaded not guilty citing a medical defence. He changed pleas a week before his trial was due, admitting four counts of sexually assaulting a child.

Michael Butt, defending, said it was a wholly exceptional case because doctors said his medication could cause the impulsive behaviour.The abuse was completely out of character, he said, and since his dosage had been reduced he had not had similar issues.

He said: “The defence in this case are not suggesting that the defendant did not know what he was doing. They don’t suggest he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong. They do suggest he would have been as confused as anyone else at the time not knowing what was happening to him.

“It is acknowledged there was an opportunity for him to stop. There is a level of culpability involved in that the defendant did not take control of the situation earlier than he did. For that he falls to be punished.”

Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “It is accepted by Mr Butt on your behalf that you knew what you were doing and you knew what you were doing, and you knew what you were doing was wrong evidenced by the fact you stopped if a dog barked or you heard someone coming and you told him not to tell anyone.

”This was wholly out of character and I am invited to conclude it was when your prescription of medication for your Parkinson’s that changed you and gave you impulsiveness that you were unable to control.”

But he said that after being confronted about what he had done to the girl he denied any wrongdoing and abused another child. “You made a deliberate and conscious decision to turn your attention towards him and you told him not to tell anyone.The picture is not of someone who had urges but wanted to do something about it. You didn’t. A second child was abused.You lack insight to your actions. You still deny responsibility.”

Hyam must register as a sex offender for life and abide by a sexual offences prevention order.

October 2018

Pensioner sexually assaulted children

Stephen Hyam, of Fitwell Road, Oakhurst, had been due to stand trial after pleading not guilty to five counts of sexual assault of a child under 13.

But the case was brought back before Swindon Crown Court where he admitted four of the charges which took place in summer last year.

During June and July he admitted groping a 10-year-old girl and between the start of July and early September, 2017, he abused an eight-year-old boy at least seven times.

Judge Robert Pawson adjourned the case to Friday November 16 so the probation can compile a report on him.

In the interim he told him he must register as a sex offender, the total period he must remain doing so determined by the sentence he receives.