October 2018

‘Sex addict’ dentist who was caught with vile child abuse, bestiality and extreme porn images

A ‘sex addict’ dentist caught with images of child abuse and bestiality on his laptop has been booted out of the profession.

Christopher Matthews was put on the sex offenders’ register after he admitted the crimes at Bournemouth Crown Court on 22 June last year.

The General Council heard the Dorset dentist was a sex addict who downloaded extreme porn as well as images ‘depicting penetrative sexual activity with children’.

Deciding to strike off the disgraced dentist head of the panel, Deborah Gough, said: ‘Mr Matthews has brought the dental profession into disrepute through his criminal offending. He has also breached a fundamental tenet of the profession.

‘The Committee noted that some of the indecent photographs of children he downloaded fell within Category A, depicting penetrative sexual activity with children.

‘The Committee was not persuaded that Mr Matthews has put patients at unwarranted risk of harm. His use of child sexual abuse images in his home was for his own sexual gratification.

‘The Committee noted that he has been convicted of offences relating to sexual deviancy and is currently on the Sex Offender Register and subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, but there is no evidence that he has ever presented a risk to patients or that he has otherwise acted in a professional capacity to put patients at risk of harm.

‘Mr Matthews has demonstrated remorse and reflection. He attends Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings and has also undertaken voluntary work, cooking and cleaning in a kitchen which provides food for homeless people.

‘He admits his criminal offending and has provided the Committee with a detailed reflective statement, in which he sets out his deep shame and remorse at his use of child pornography.

‘His actions have destroyed not only his life but that of his family. He recognises also that his offending impacts on the reputation of the profession.

‘The aggravating feature of this case is the seriousness of the offences for which Mr Matthews has been convicted. Child pornography involves the sexual abuse of children for the gratification of others.

‘By his own admission Mr Matthews’ offending was not an isolated incident: there is an element of premeditation and persistency.

‘He is currently on the Sex Offenders Register and is subject to a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention order, which runs until 2022.

‘To conclude this case with no further action or a reprimand would be wholly inappropriate, given the seriousness of Mr Matthews’ offending and the need to uphold and declare proper standards of conduct and behaviour.

‘No conditions could be formulated in a case such as this which would be workable, measurable or proportionate. Conditions could not address the underlying nature of Mr Matthews’ offending and the damage this has caused to the reputation of the profession and to public confidence in the profession.’