October 2018

Online child groomer caught by paedophile hunting team avoids prison 

A man has avoided a prison sentence after he was caught messaging what he believed were young girls online.

At Chester Crown Court, Giles Cockett pleaded guilty to three counts of engaging in sexual communication with a child

The court was told that Cockett had contacted at least seven online profiles that he believed belonged to children.

Cockett immediately sent highly sexualized messages encouraging the children to engage in sexual chat. 

However, the children did not exist and were instead members of various online child protection teams, including the ‘Templar Knights: Guardians of children.’ 

The court was told that the teams pose as children online in order to intercept sexual predators who groom children by using social media platforms.

The ‘Templar Knights’ sought the help of another paedophile hunting team called ‘Soul Survivors’ who carried out the sting on their behalf. 

Charity shop volunteer Cockett was apprehended in a safe and controlled manner, and the police were called. All evidence was handed into the police and Cockett was swiftly arrested

Giles Cockett was sentenced to a three community order.

A sexual harm prevention order was put in place for a period of five years which would prohibit him from using any computer or device capable of accessing the internet.

The judge told him that him that he must take part in a accredited sex offenders treatment programme. He will be required to attend a intensive programme of sessions over the next three years, which will try to address his sexual behaviour and the consequences of those actions.

He must also register as a sex offender for a period of five years

A court fine of £85 was also imposed.