December 2019

Ex-Army intelligence officer is jailed for a year after abusing girl, nine, at his B&B guesthouse where he previously molested sisters aged four and eight

A hotel boss who used his ‘family friendly’ B&B guesthouse as a pervert’s lair to molest little girls has been jailed for a second time.

Adam Saleem, 47, would target young children after they checked in with their parents at his hotel near Manchester Airport.

Following complaints against him he was jailed for two years in October 2018 after attacking two sisters aged four and eight.

But he has now been jailed for a further year after a complaint from a nine-year-old girl – made just weeks after his first sentence. 

The former army intelligence officer carried out the assaults after the families checked in for one night ahead of flying out on holiday.   

The latest conviction arose after the nine-year-old girl and her parents known as ‘Family C’ booked into Saleem’s B&B in 2017. 

He met the family and booked them into a family room on the ground floor but became ‘fixated’ with the daughter.  

She was due to go to Spain with her family but was molested after Saleem showed her where the bathroom was. 

He encouraged her to see his cats which she did so accompanied by her family and then targeted the girl alone while her parents were getting ready for bed. 

She had wanted to clean her teeth and Saleem led her to a bathroom where he followed her in and placed his hands down her pyjama bottoms.

The frightened girl returned to the family room but was too embarrassed to tell her parents. After the incident she became withdrawn and only told her mother about her ordeal when asked why she was being so distant.  

At Manchester Crown Court, Manchester, Saleem refused to stand in the dock and was sent to the cells after claiming the conviction was ‘unjust and tyrannical.’ He had sacked his lawyer during the trial and gave a defence speech himself to the jury.

Judge John Potter told him: ‘You said this girl was mistaken in what she said and you denied you ever met her or her family. You also said her parents had colluded dishonestly with each other to falsely name you as her abuser. 

‘This was a dreadful allegation to have made. You told the police a pack of lies – lies you were to repeat to the jury, which by their verdict, they easily saw through.

‘Your willingness to make the allegation whilst they were being cross examined, is indicative of your complete lack of remorse on your part. 

‘That was compounded further by your behaviour at trial when you sought to manipulate the proceedings by retiring your counsel to enable you to make your closing speech yourself. That closing speech was almost entirely disingenuous and riddled with dishonesty.

‘It does portray you to be a risk taking, controlling and dishonest individual. In contrast, your victim, now aged 11, gave truthful evidence about your abuse of her. 

‘It seems she has been able to deal with the abuse she suffered at your hands however the memory of your abuse will remain with her for some time to come.’  

Father-of-three Saleem had previously been a revered figure in his local mosque and was a ‘Hafiza of Quran’ due to him memorising the Islamic book. 

He had initially been an airline IT security officer for Thomas Cook then worked in intelligence for the military – claiming to have worked the SAS – until he he was injured in a skiing accident.

He said he had also worked for Manchester United as Head of IT and also for the United Nations in the Middle East before working as an air traffic system controller at Heathrow Airport.    

His previous victims, aged four and eight, were attacked as they were due to jet out to Florida for a 50th birthday celebration.

Saleem lured them into his bedroom on the pretext of showing them rescue cats he kept at his £2m property.

At the time the sisters were too scared to say what happened and the family went on holiday unaware of their ordeals.

The truth only emerged when one of the sisters told her mother after their father watched a TV programme about a missing child and he told his daughters they could talk to him if ever had encounters with ‘nasty men.’

In October 2018, Saleem, from Hale Barns, near Altrincham, was jailed for two years after he was found guilty of two charges of indecent assault. 

The nine-year-old girl subsequently complained and this week he was given a further 12 months behind bars after being convicted by a jury of a similar offence.       

The court heard the attacks against the sisters took place in March 2017. 

During a video interview with police the eight year old showed officers where Saleem had touched her and even re-enacted how he carried out the assault. 

Her parents said she would not have known about paedophilia as they exercised parental lock controls on all their internet access.’

Saleem was ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for ten years and abide by a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

October 2018

B&B owner jailed for sexual assaulting two girls

A B&B owner, who sexually assaulted two girls who wanted to play with his rescued kittens, has been jailed.

Adam Saleem (15/06/1972) of Hasty Lane, Hale has been sentenced to two years in prison at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court for sexually assaulting two girls.  

He has been ordered to sign the sex offender’s register for 10 years and will be subject to a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

At the end of March 2017, a family were staying at Saleem’s Bed & Breakfast.

As the B&B boasted itself as a sanctuary for rescued cats, three young girls staying at the guest house were keen to spend time with the cats.

Seeing this, Saleem opened his bedroom door and told the girls, aged 4, 8 and 9 that they could play with them in his room.

He then shut the door and invited the girls to sit on the floor while they played with the cats, at which point he sexually assaulted two of them.

In November, one of the girls told her parents about what had happened, who immediately reported this to police.

Saleem was arrested and was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault of a female under the age of 13 at an earlier trial.

Detective Constable Paul Walls of GMP’s Trafford borough, said: “Saleem promised a safe haven for travelling guests and unloved cats, but there was nothing protecting these young girls from his abhorrent behaviour.

“He looked at these girls playing, and instead of seeing a picture of innocence, chose to act on his most twisted desires.

“Saleem should feel utterly ashamed of his actions that day, and I cannot thank the girls enough for telling their parents what had happened.

“I am glad for them that the arduous trial is now over and that they can rest easier, knowing Saleem is behind bars.”