October 2018

Paedophile’s sick texts to his own granddaughter he abused from the age of 13

A woman has bravely revealed the sick text messages sent by her grandad as he abused her from the age of 13.

Joseph Edwards, 69, of Simon’s Croft, Netherton, Bootle told her “I can’t stop it, I love you so” in a string of vile messages to the confused youngster.

The woman, now an adult with two kids, was just 13 when her grandad started fondling her with small touches on her bum.

Later he took her on trips to the seaside and molested her

In a string of messages, Edwards said: “I love you so much, you make my heart skip a beat.

“You just do it for me okay. I want you in all ways is that okay?

“I just want to be happy with you and no one else. I am sorry I can’t stop it, I love you so much.

“I can’t get you out of my head, sorry for loving you so much, you’re just so good looking okay.”

The woman told how she had a difficult relationship with her family – and her predator granddad abused her trust by pretending to be “there for her”.

Only years later did she ask him why he had molested her.

A partner urged her partner to report the abuse to the police, but even when she showed the sickening texts to her family some refused to believe it.

Edwards’ family stuck by him during his trial at Liverpool crown court, but he was found guilty of six offences of sexual activity with a child and jailed for 15 months.

After the case the victim said: “We had a really special bond though and he listened to me, when a lot of my other family members wouldn’t.

“When I was 15 he started kissing me. I can still remember feeling his tongue, it was awful.

“He then started trying to put his hand between my legs and touching me there.”

Edwards would carry out most of the abuse in his car when he took her out for day trips to Southport in Merseyside.

“We’d always go up to Southport in his car and he’d get me a can of Dr Pepper and a pizza.

“Our trips were always a secret, I could never tell my nan or any other family members where I was going and it was always in Southport and in his car where most of the abuse took place.”

Edwards also has to sign the sex offenders’ register for ten years and Judge Neil Flewitt imposed a five-year restraining order to keep away from the victim.