Man, 39, jailed for groping teenage girl

A Burnham pervert has been jailed for nine months after groping a teenage girl.

Graeme Ward, 39, of Alamein Road, Burnham, appeared for sentencing at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday.

He admitted sexually touching the girl in Burnham last September and was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Prosecutor Raj Joshi said: “The defendant slept on the same sofa as the victim. He placed his head on her shoulder and cuddled up to her. Around 5.30am she took the blanket off herself.”

Ward placed the blanket back over the girl before touching her inappropriately underneath it.

This was when “matters came to a head” after a number of incidents of inappropriate behaviour by Ward towards his victim.

Mr Joshi told the court how he had made comments to the victim such as “your boobs are massive” and “you look pretty”.

The court also heard how Ward had made lewd suggestions to the girl, followed her into changing rooms and once wiped her breasts with a tissue after she had spilt ketchup on them.

Mr Joshi said: “The event has had an awful effect on the victim. She no longer leaves the house. She will only go anywhere if she is accompanied.

“She feels very isolated and anxious.

“She has said: ‘I feel scared when I go out and I think I see Graeme when he is not there’.”

Recorder Peter Brook-Smith said: “Through the course of contact, which I am satisfied was deliberate, you got closer to the victim.

“I have been told there were various incidents prior to the listed offence where your behaviour was inappropriate and of a sexual nature.

“I have no doubt that you considered yourself sexually attracted to the victim and that was the reason for your actions. You will appreciate that this is a serious offence, made more serious by the circumstances I have outlined.”