October 2018

This pervert attacked an autistic teenager in a Derby public toilet

A Slovakian pervert sexually assaulted an autistic teenager who was using the toilets at Derby Market Hall.

Martin Cica carried out the attack on the “vulnerable” victim – but then denied the offence and made him come to court to give evidence.

After Cica was found guilty, in a victim personal statement the teen’s father said: “The incident left me emotionally shook-up.

“I felt guilty by letting my son go off on his own and I believe this incident will stay with him for a long time.”

And Derby Crown Court was told Cica had carried out an almost identical offence five years before.

He had been jailed in 2013 for nine months after exposing himself to a 14-year-old boy in public toilets in Sheffield.

As part of his punishment, the 53-year-old was handed a sexual harm prevention order under the terms of which he was to tell the police where he was living.

Later in 2013 he notified the police he was moving to Dublin but then the court was told how he disappeared and was believed to have moved back to his home country of Slovakia until May of this year.

After coming to Derby he then carried out his fresh offence against the 18-year-old.

Jailing Cica for 18 months, Recorder Martin Butterworth said: “On July 31 you sexually assaulted a vulnerable young man in public toilets in Derby.

“You grabbed him by the sides of his head and gave him what has been described as a ‘rough kiss’.

“Because of the vulnerability of the victim that has made him feel uncomfortable and clearly caused him some emotional upheaval.

“In terms of you failing to comply with your previous requirements, that offence related to another young boy, this time aged 14, that was also vulnerable.

“You made both of these come to trial which demonstrates your absolute refusal to accept you have committed any criminal offences.”

Laura Pitman, prosecuting, said the Derby offence took place on July 31.

She said: “The victim is 18 and has been formally diagnosed with autism.

“He had been in town with his family when he went to the public toilets at the Market Hall.

“When he came out of the cubicle he saw a man, this defendant, who asked him what was in his bag.

“He did not answer him and was suddenly grabbed firmly by the side of his head and kissed roughly by the defendant.”

Miss Pitman said the boy immediately told his family what had happened to him and they searched the area, finding Cica, of no fixed address, and alerted the police.

He was arrested and denied what he had done was sexual, saying he had kissed the victim once to the cheek.

Took the case to trial

He then made him come to court to give evidence having taken the case to trial.

But he was found guilty of sexual assault and pleaded guilty to being in breach of his sex offences notification requirement.

In the victim impact statement, the boy’s father said his family “will offer him support and guidance”.