October 2018

Man admits raping 14-year-old girl on waste ground

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A man admitted raping a 14-year-old girl on waste ground at the rear of shops in the east end of Glasgow.

Stephen Kinnaird, 31, also pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping the girl over a seven-year period.

The High Court in Glasgow heard he targeted her when she was aged eight until she was 14.

When Kinnaird was confronted by his victim in June he initially denied the rape at the shops but then claimed was a “one-time thing.”

But his victim said that he had raped her and sexually abused her since she was eight.

Prosecutor Owen Mullan said: “She gave a full account of sexual abuse that had been happening since she was eight years old and had culminated in the attack on her behind the shops.

“She said that his behaviour became a regular occurrence and said the sexual attacks would happen when the accused was alone with her.”

The court heard that on 27 June Kinnaird asked the girl to go to an ATM with him and then took her to an area of waste ground behind the shops.

The girl was upset and withdrawn and when her sister asked her what was wrong she told her that Kinnaird had raped her.

The joiner later told police that he had tried to kill himself because he was being called a paedophile.

He admitted two charges of raping the girl on various occasions between August 2011 and August 2016 and on various occasions between August 2016 and June 2018.

The offences were committed at an address in Glasgow’s east end, and at the rear of shops in the area.

Defence counsel Allan Macleod said Kinnaird has expressed genuine remorse.

Judge Lady Rae said: “The remorse he claims he is expressing, it’s only been expressed since he was caught.”

She told told Kinnaird: “The level of depravity disclosed in the narrative of events which I have heard is in my view quite extreme.”

Sentence was deferred until next month at the High Court in Livingston.