June 2018

Pervert caught paedophile hunting team

The court was told that Cummins had fabricated a story that he was a former Royal Marine. Cummins persisted in asking the girl for sexual intercourse and even invited her to his house.

However, the girl did not exist and was instead an adult member of online child protection ‘Totnes Justice’ who pose online as children to catch sexual predators

‘Totnes Justice’ contacted another team called ‘Hunters down south’ and asked them if they could apprehend the offender. They agreed and went to Cummins house where they confronted him on his internet activity. They then rang police. Cummins was arrested at the house.

Cummins was sentenced to 8 months Imprisonment which was suspended for 18 Months

He was ordered to complete 150 Hours unpaid Work

He was told that he must take part in a 40 Day rehabilitation active requirement and he would have a SHPO for 10 Years which would restrict his contact with children