October 2014

Wrexham man jailed for abducting missing girl, 15

A MAN who was on bail conditions not to approach a 15-year-old girl was seen by police with her in his van after she had been reported missing by her mother.

Scott Patrick Rogers, 25, admitted a charge of child abduction and was jailed for six months at Mold Crown Court.

He must serve that term consecutively to a prison sentence he is already serving for drugs offences.

Rogers, of Tan y Coed, Wrexham, a married father-of-two, was told by Judge Philip Hughes that he would be sentenced for abducting the girl on August 28.

He was on bail at the time because police were investigating other allegations.

“You knew that the bail conditions meant that you should not have been anywhere near the girl,” he said.

“But you were. She was found in your vehicle.”

Judge Hughes said he accepted there had been no coercion of the girl at all; she appeared to have been a willing participant

“You will realise, I am sure, that the whole purpose of the legislation is to protect young teenage girls from themselves.

“It was also to protect her from you.”

Kate Meredith-Jones, prosecuting, said the girl’s mother suspected she and Rogers were meeting.

She reported her daughter missing from home.

The daughter had been repeatedly told not to meet Rogers as she was a child.

Shortly before 11pm one night in August police saw her getting into his van.

Police asked him if he was on any conditions of bail and he replied: “You know the score – I am not supposed to see her.”

In a prepared statement, he said that serious allegations had been made against him which he totally denied.

He said he had deactivated his Facebook account but she had wanted him to contact her.

That night he had seen her while driving and he claimed she got into the vehicle without invitation.

When asked further questions, he gave no comment answers.

Rogers was currently serving a nine-month prison sentence for drugs offences

His wife was in the public gallery supporting him.