March 2016

Doncaster man who raped women in front of children is jailed

A vile monster who raped two women in front of a group of children on the Transpennine Trail in Doncaster was jailed moments ago.

Judge Michael Murphy QC sentenced Paul Eames to life in prison for a string of charges relating to a horrifying attack in which he raped and sexually assaulted two women in front of five small children on the Transpennine Trail.

Eames will serve a minimum of 10 and a half years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

Sentencing, Judge Murphy said: “I have sat in criminal courts for 30 years and I still find that cases come along that shock me to my core and this is one of them because of the depths of depravity and the wickedness of what you did to those innocent women in front of young children.

“This is one of the most depraved and the most perverted cases I have ever come across.

“It read like a horror story.

“To rape another person is always despicable and dreadful, but to do it in front of another young woman who knew a similar fate awaited her defies belief. “The victims will never in their lives forget that awful day.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard how Eames carried out the horrifying and prolonged attack on his 40th birthday – on September 10 last year – on the section of the trail close to Grove Avenue, Bentley.

Prosecutor Gordon Stables explained how Eames approached the women from behind, one aged 20 and one 23, as they were looking after five toddlers.

The women were taking the children, two of whom were in pushchairs, to a pet shop to buy some pet food when the attack occurred.

After approaching the women Eames told them that he was not going to hurt them and to go left down a path into the woods. One of the victims said to him: “We’ve got kids.”

Eames’ response was: “Just go or I’ll kill your kids.” The women in fear for the children, did what he told them, taking the children with them.

Mr Stables told the court how Eames kept saying; “Hurry up or I’ll kill your kids. I’ll kill your kids.” “I’ll stab your kids” Once in an isolated area, the victims were subjected to a series of rapes and sexual assaults which took place in front of the children.

During the course of the incident Eames took the terrified victims mobile phones, and told them that if they told anyone what he had done, he knew where they lived and would do it again.

October 2009

Prison like a holiday camp, says siege man

A Doncaster man jailed following an armed siege in Scarborough says jail is like staying in a holiday camp, it is reported.

Paul Eames, formerly of Danesway, Scawthorpe, describes the high security Hull Prison as “HMP Butlins” and says he expects to be released in 10 months time, according to letters he has sent.

Eames, who held a six-year-old girl hostage for almost two days last August, says Hull is a “good easy jail” and tells how he has a new 100 music hi-fi system and a game cube and 25 games in his cell at the prison.

He says: “I’ve got 10 months left in HMP Butlins – wicked.”

Later he adds: “I’m well good, easy jail. 10 months bangin’.”

In the letter he adds that his crime was the result of him cracking up – adding he saw the siege as “a laugh at first” but that it later got serious.

Eames was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court in May to four-and-a-half years for the false imprisonment charge and two 12-month concurrent sentences for his threats to kill police officers and for affray.

The 33-year-old, a heavy drinker who was taking methadone at the time of his offences, barricaded himself into a house with the child for almost two days and threatened to “slit the throats” of police officers if they came inside.

At one point he shouted: “If you want to kick the door in and cause a big scene, you had best be ready because I have all sorts of weapons in here and I am not afraid to use them.”

He also told police: “If you try to come in here you will get cut, I will slit your throat. I have two big rottweilers and they will bite your head off.”

A Prison Service spokesperson said he could not comment on individual cases.

But he said: “For those prisoners permitted to use games consoles in cell, the cost of purchasing consoles and games has rests solely on the prisoner and is not met by the taxpayer.

May 2009

Man threatened to kill cops at Eastfield, near Scarborough

A man who held a six-year-old girl hostage for over 40 hours while he threatened police with knives was sentenced to jail today for what a judge termed his ”dreadful” and ”selfish” crimes.

Paul Eames, 33, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison after he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, making threats to kill and affray.

The court heard that last August, after a drunken argument with his former partner, with whom he had a ”stormy relationship”, Eames barricaded himself and a child into a house in Eastfield, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and told officers surrounding the scene he would kill any police who came near and then kill himself.

During the stand-off, which lasted from the evening of 11 August until 13 August, Eames, who had previous drug abuse problems, brought the child to the window to look out at the scene of the siege, and threw knives out at waiting police officers.

When police entered the ground floor of the building he blocked himself into a bedroom using furniture and mattresses.

David Brooke, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court that police noticed his ”irrationality” and unpredictability.

He said Eames told North Yorkshire Police officers: ”If you want to kick the door in and cause a big scene, you’d best be ready because I’ve got all manner of weapons in here, and I’m not afraid to use them.”

He also threatened to set two rottweilers on officers, and told them he was armed with weapons including a samurai sword and kitchen knives.

The girl was finally released unharmed after around 40 hours, after armed police, negotiators and a solicitor had been called in to end the siege.

Judge James Spencer QC sentenced Eames to four-and-a-half years for false imprisonment, and gave him two 12-month concurrent sentences for his threats to kill police officers and for affray.

He told Eames, of Danesway, Doncaster: ”Over a period of over 40 hours you kept prisoner this six-year-old child … you did it for entirely selfish reasons, at first because you were drunk, and then, as you say, you wanted to make your point.

”She at first was able to stand the excitement, but very soon it must have been obvious to you, as it was to other people, how distressed she was by the experience.”

He continued: ”It was a dreadful, dreadful offence.”

August 2008

Suicide attempts of armed siege man

THE Doncaster man at the centre of last week’s armed siege in Scarborough attempted suicide for the second time after being admitted to hospital following a suspected overdose, his family has revealed.

Paul Eames, who stands accused of imprisoning a six-year-old girl in the course of the 40-hour siege, tried to stab himself in the stomach with a knife while in Scarborough hospital, said his sister Mandy

He had taken an overdose shortly before surrendering last Wednesday afternoon.

She and another sister and their parents travelled to the coast on Saturday when Eames, ages 32, made an appearance before magistrates and was remanded in custody to appear at York Crown Court on Friday.

He is charged with assaulting a woman causing actually bodily harm and is also accused of threatening to kill a woman who feared that the threat would be carried out.

Eames also faces a charge of threatening to kill North Yorkshire police officers, unlawfully imprisoning a young girl and detaining her against her will, and threatening to kill her, and affray.

“He’s fine now but he did try to kill himself again when he was in hospital. “He didn’t hurt himself all that much but it just shows what a state he’s in,” said Mandy.

The Eames family – his parents David and Margaret, and two sisters – were in court for his appearance in relation to the siege at Herdborough Road, Eastfield, last Tuesday and Wednesday.

As he left the courtroom his worried mother called out: “Don’t do nowt silly son.”

Mandy said that Paul had lived in Scarborough for 15 months, after moving from Bentley.

She revealed that it was she who made the final decision to allow doctors to amputate his leg in 2000 after he developed septicaemia.

“That was a really hard time for us – Paul was in hospital a long time. “He nearly died – the doctors told us he only had a 10 per cent chance of making it. It was a very hard decision to make but I had to do it to save his life. But when he woke he said that we should have let him die rather than let them take the leg off.”

She added Eames had been unable to work since losing his leg. “He’s found it very difficult since then – he’s on a lot of medication for the pain.”