September 2018

The ‘devious paedophile’ jailed for 16 years after abusing four children

A serial sex offender has been jailed for 16 years after being branded a “devious paedophile”.

He caused severe and lasting damage to his four child victims and one of them had been “living in a prison” of his past.

Adrian Farrow, 71, of Chapel Close, Barrow-upon-Humber, denied 26 offences.

He was convicted by a jury at Grimsby Crown Court of 22 of them, including 12 of indecent assault, six of indecency with a child, two of attempting to commit a serious sexual offence and two of cruelty.

Two of the verdicts were on majorities of 11 to one.

He was cleared of four offences.

The charges involved three boys and one girl and the offences happened in the Grimsby area.

Judge Mark Bury said it was “gross abuse” of four vulnerable children and Farrow caused “severe and lasting damage”.

He described Farrow as manipulative and a “devious paedophile”.

The effects of the “disgusting” abuse on one boy could not be understated.

“You have no remorse or shame,” said Judge Bury.

Farrow was a “true paedophile”.

One of the victims said in a statement that the abuse he suffered had impacted on the quality of his life and he found eating, sleeping, working and studying very difficult.

He had suffered trauma and became withdrawn, secretive and suicidal, suffering chronic pain and distress.

He said he became isolated and socially disconnected, feeling helpless, hopeless and powerless. 
“I live in constant fear,” he said.

“I am slowly managing to rebuild my self-esteem. I have been living in a prison of my past.

“I have been having a lot of flashbacks.”

Another victim said that Farrow “shattered my confidence” and he had been on medication for depression and “went downhill very fast”.

He said of Farrow: “He put us all through hell.”

A third victim said there were times when he could not face being at work and he had suffered problems with drinking.

Farrow was ordered to register as a sex offender for life.