December 2016

Shotts sex beast, caught with thousands of indecent images of kids, facing jail

A pervert is facing jail after admitting possessing over one thousand indecent images and videos of children.

Steven Hutchison, of Shotts, pleaded guilty to taken or making indecent images at his home in Quarry Road between 2009 and 2015.

He also admitted possessing indecent photographs in May.

The court heard in January 13 of this year, police received information that Hutchison, 21, was involved in making indecent images of children and a warrant was granted to search his home.

At around 10.50pm, police attended at Hutchison’s home but there was no reply and officers broke down the door to gain entry.

As the accused suffers from learning difficulties called for an adult to be present while they spoke to him and a mobile phone was then seized.

On February 8, Hutchison’s home was searched again and a laptop was found.

Police examined both devices and found over 1400 images or videos of child pornography.

These included 330 images on the laptop defined as Category A – defined the most grotesque of all.

There were also 41 Category A images on Hutchison’s phone.

The pictures included girls from infants to 14 years old and boys between the ages of four and 15 years old.

Fiscal depute Michael McIntosh added that Hutchison had also used a search engine to ask “how to get away with using indecent images of children” and had searched Gumtree for “people who require babysitters”.

Hutchison was released on bail on April 8 but on June 3, police were on patrol in Quarry Street, Shotts.

Officers saw Hutchison walking with a Samsung mobile phone.

Concerned that Hutchison was aggravating the terms of his bail, police seized the phone.

After the mobile was examined it was found to have 272 pictures or videos of child pornography.

Of the 194 pictures on the phone, 41 were described as Category A with a further 35 videos also being in that category.

All of the pictures and videos related to girls aged between one and 14.

Hutchison was then taken into custody and appeared in private at Hamilton Sheriff Court on June 6.

Sentence was deferred on Hutchison until February 2.