August 2018

Trainee teacher admits taking ‘upskirting’ images of schoolgirls

Folkestone trainee teacher Roshan Rai has appeared in court and admitted taking “upskirt” images of schoolgirls.

The 27-year-old pleaded guilty to outraging public decency by covertly making the “lewd, disgusting and obscene” images between January and August two years ago.

Rai, of Firs Lane, also admitted eight other charges, including inciting a child to send him pictures of her breasts.

And he admitted another charge of voyeurism between April 2016 and March last year watching a naked child, aged between three and four years old at a swimming pool.

Rai, who now works at his family’s restaurant in Folkestone, was arrested and then police also discovered he had thousands of illegal movies and images of children at all three categories, including the most serious.

Mark Cotter QC told Judge Heather Norton that after Rai’s arrest he sought help from a therapist after saying the incidents started because “he was smoking cannabis..and were done under the influence” of the drug.

Despite reservations the judge granted Rai bail until the sentencing hearing despite that some of the offences being carried out while he was teaching in the Folkestone area.

Judge Norton – in ruling he could not privately use a mobile phone or computer which could access the Internet, warned him he faced “an inevitable jail sentence.”

Rai pleaded guilty to three charges of inciting a child under 13 to send him illegal images, one charge of causing a child to watch a sexual act, one charge of outraging public decency by taking “upskirt” pictures of pupils, voyeurism and three charges of possessing illegal images and movies of children.

The prosecution accepted his NOT guilty pleas to three other charges, including an allegation of taking “upskirt” pictures near shops.

Sentence was adjourned until late September and he was ordered to Sign The Sex Offender’s Register.

Among his bail conditions are to avoid direct or indirect contact with children under 16 – other than when he is working in the restaurant.